Does Anyone Feel Too Small

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MommyMeg07 - January 15

I'm 35 and a half weeks preggo today, and I don't feel like I'm near the end because of my size. I mean, I've gained almost exactly 30 pounds, and I was small before I was preggo, but not like, REALLY skinny or anything - just kinda pet_te I guess. I've only measured like, 1 centimeter smaller than normal each time I've been to the doc.... I guess my question is, does your size change a LOT in the last 4 weeks? I see preggo women everywhere who are HUGE, but not fat at all, like women who were obviously skinny before hand and are ALL baby - but they walk with their belly sticking out and they waddle, ha ha, and I don't do that. Does anyone feel this way?


Lala - January 15

People tell me I'm small all the time. Most of my pregnancy, my fundal height measured one week aheahd. Now, I am 38 weeks, and last week's checkup I measured only 35 weeks. I don't feel huge at all, but then I love a big, beautiful pregnant belly! There is nothing like it! So, I think your perspective has alot to do with it. If you feel huge, weird, and miserable, you'll firmly beleive that you are huge. I have a nice, sticking out belly, and I do feel like I waddle. But I think the waddling comes after the baby drops into your pelivs. Take care!


DB - January 15

I'm surprised how much bigger I keep getting. I'm 38 weeks and it really does keep getting bigger and bigger for me. I felt like I was small up until I hit 34 weeks, but now looking back at pictures I've grown even more in the last 4 weeks...I don't know how!!!....but women I work with still think I'm small for being 38 weeks, but I definitely don't think so, I think I carry a lot of it in my hips and b___t ....and I've gained about 40lbs total... I didn't think I was waddling, but I've been told I am (which sucks!!!!). My baby hasn't even dropped yet, so I don't know how you walk once the baby drops.


sahmof3 - January 16

With my oldest my size didn't change too much. I actually lost weight my entire pregnancy and never got a real big belly... and I really wanted one LOL. I thought I was having a 5 lber, but he was 9 lbs. 5 oz.... quite a shock! Anyway, enjoy your non-waddle ;-) BTW, I got my wish and MORE with my next two... I was the size of a house hehe.


KMo311 - January 16

I was HUGE for my first two pregnancies. this one is much smaller. i am 37 weeks and 6 days and i see that i am not getting bigger on the sides just the front as he moves into my pelvis. i gained less weight this pregnancy. I call this belly my "sport" version. enjoy the belly big or small, it will be gone soon and then you'll miss the movemenst inside.


Crisi P - January 16

I think a lot of it has to do with how you carry yourself. A lot of pregnant women walk around with their lower backs really arched (I bet they have a lot of back pain from doing that) and then others have a better posture walking with a moderately flat back. Makes a big difference in how big you look in front. I know because I was looking at the difference in front of a mirror haha


d - January 16

I am 7 months, and i don't look it all all. It is strange, everyone else that i see that is 7 months, they look really big to me. i look soo small. my belly b___ton still is in too.


catgiggles - January 16

I don't feel to big or to small as far as the belly goes. Now if we are talking b___t and thighs...well..thats a different story. What I hate tho is I've had 2 ppl in my husbands family inform me I am not going to have a healthy baby b/c I'm not eating enough therefore my belly is not large enough to be carrying a healthy baby. It makes me sooo mad!!! The dr. on the other hand says I'm measuring just where I should have have the entire pregnancy so far (Ill be 30 weeks in 2 days!). My family is not that way but I think it is b/c tons of ppl in my family are nurses. And my aunt spent years working as a nicu nurse. They all tell me I look so cute and am doing great. I think drs should hand out earplugs at the first dr visit! haha


lunamoo - January 16

I am 30 weeks and have been told by every one that I look so small for X amount of weeks. Doesn't make me feel good to hear that constantly. I have gained almost 10 kgs, so 23ish pounds,, but not all tummy. So yeah, I feel smalll and wonder if there lies a growth spurt for me and baby the last 10 weeks.


StacyChambers - January 16

I am 30 weeks and 4 days at my last check up with my OB (two weeks ago) and I have only gained 15 pounds, I go back on thursday so maybe I'll be bigger. I just recently began to look like I was pregnant and not just fat, so I know what your feeling.


mamagoose - January 16

I'm 38 weeks and I feel like I haven't really changed size since about 32 weeks or so... I don't look that big, but my Dr. says the baby feels big, and is predicting at least a 9 pounder for me. Talking to people at work, they all said they didn't feel like their belly got much bigger in the last month. I guess it just depends on so many factors, like size, build, whether its your first or fifth, etc.


Bailey2786 - January 17

I feel the same way also I am 36w.. and I have gained about 34 pounds ( give or take) I feel like my belly is getting smaller.. I dunno why... its annoying though! ha



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