Does Anyone Know Anything About Group B Strep

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Christina - April 6

I recently got tested for Group B strep and came up positive. I am 37 weeks pregnant and my doctor prescribed me with an antibiotic. I need to take it for a total of 10 days. I am 2 centimeters dialated and my due date is until April 27th. I want to know everything about this Group B Strep and if it will harm my baby? What happens to me and my baby? Does my baby have to stay in the hospital? IF ANYONE can PLEASE help me understand it alittle bit more.... I am so scared now.


Jennifer - April 7

I really don't know much about it, I know that my sister in law had it, and she had a very healthy baby, and the baby didn't have to stay in the hospital. She had to get an IV put in as soon as she went into labor because of it, I am a__suming to fight off infection, so that the baby didn't get it while being delivered. Hope that makes you feel a bit better. You could search the web for more info too, that will probaby help you.


Jenny - April 7

It's common bacteria and it's NOT an STD. You will be given antibiotics- they cross the placenta- so that baby is protected. Most babies come out fine and uneffected.


Ariana - April 7

I had GBS, as soon as i got to the hospital they put an IV on me to help fight off infection, my baby came out fine.


BigBelly#2 - April 7

I just had my second child at the end of February and with that pregnancy, I was positive for Group B strep also......but not with my first pregnancy. After they induced me, they gave me an antibiotic IV drip which they will do every 4 hours while you are in labor. I just had one cuz my labor was only 5 hours this time. After the baby is born, they draw blood from baby to test it for Group B. It takes 72 hours for results, so I had to stay in the hospital for an extra day. I was then told that they continue testing the baby's blood for a week afterwards to make sure it doesn't appear later. If your baby does contract the Group B, he/she is treated with antibiotics as well. My baby was fine. Hope all goes well for you.


Latoya - April 7

Group b strep is a type of b acteria that can be found in 10-30% of pregnant women. A woman can pa__s gbs to her baby during delivery, but most babies who get gbs from their mothers do not have any problems. A minority of babies will become sick however which is why they'll put you on antibiotics just in case your baby is one of the minority. It is NOT an std.


Michelle - April 7

I tested positive for Group B strep with my second pregnancy. I was given an antibiotic through an IV when I went into labor. That to keep the mother from pa__sing it to the child during delivery. My son was just fine. I am now pregnant with my third child and I tested negative this time. I have no idea what it is though. Good luck to you


Jenny C. - April 7

Not to worry! It is really no big deal. It is a COMMON bacteria found in pregnant women; the meds you are on will prevent infection to your baby and everything will be fine. Plus, once you go into labour, they will put meds into your IV. Thousands of women test + for this and don't pa__s it on to their children. Don't worry, it really is quite common!



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