Does Anyone Know What A Foley Catheter Is

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M Price - April 4

My due date is today, had an appointment with my OB this morning and was told that baby is 30% efaced and my cervix was -2. She schedule me for induction April 14 but wants me to come in April 13th to have a Foley Catheter placed. Has anyone heard of this or know someone who has had this done?


PP - April 5

I am not sure why she would want a Foley catheter placed but it is a catheter that is inserted through the opening of your urethra and into your bladder. It feels a little uncomfortable but no horrible. I have given and recieved these so I am speaking from experience. I wouls ask why you are getting one though.


? - April 5

whats it for?


PP - April 5

It releases urine so the bladder is not full. It is also used for people who are incontinent.


EM - April 5

We were told in cla__s that during labor it is actually near impossible to pee even though you might feel like you have to...desperately! So they often put in a catheter. I'm not sure why they would want to put it in the day before though.


M Price - April 5

thank you for answering my question I was told by OB that they would place the catheter in my cervix to get my cervix to dilate. She is concerned that my cervix is not ripening.


macy - July 6

i had it done a about 13 times in a hospital and i hurt a lot going in and coming out


audrea - July 6

Another reason a foley is put is during labor if bladder is full it will keep the baby from being able to come down the birth ca___l. This so usually done while in pregnant and usually during the last transition of labor uless there are other problems along the way. Think of it this way, if bladder us full it gets in the way of the baby descending into the birht ca___l so it in turns gets stuck where it is. Usually it is not too uncomfortable thinking of all the other discomforts you wil be going through. Many woomen have other views on had bad it can be, but overall I have placed many and if done the right way it should really not be painful but somewhat uncomfortable.


kgf - July 6

Why do you need one? You can really run a risk of a UTI if you get one. I have been induced twice in the past and never had a cath! I would question this practice!


Staci - July 7

but, are you unable to pee on your own during labor? Ive never heard of needing to be catheterized unless you had an epidural. if youre not numb, why cant you pee on your own?


amy - July 19

the foley catheter, in terms of labor induction, is inserted into the v____a - not the urethra. the balloon on the end of it is filled w/ water and it puts pressure on your cervix, causing prostaglandins to be released and helping your cervix to dilate. it is an alternative to drugs to help you get things going.



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