Does Eating Before 1 Hr GD Test Affects The Result

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GC - December 21

Hi everyone, I am having 1 hr gulcose test this friday morning at 8.30. My question is does having breakfast before the test affects the result?. Did u all fast before the test or not. But my doctor said there is no need for any fasting... but i read somewhere that eating before the test may elevate the test result. Please advice... Thanks in advance.


rl - December 21

your doctor should have told you to fast from mid night til your test this is my 3rd and that is how it has always been done, if I were you i would not have anything after midnight except water


Monkeyluv - December 21

You are suposed to fast and the place that administers the test should ask you if you have been fast and will not give you the test if you have eaten anything.


Bonnie - December 21

There are two seperate one hour tests, one requires fasting the other does not. The general one hour test done during pregnancy does NOT require fasting. However, if you fail that test, they will then do a 3 hour glucose test in which you WILL have to fast. Hope that clears it up for you. :)


Angie - December 21

I had to fast


Jen - December 21

I had breakfast and lunch before my test. It didn't make a difference. They just tell you to not eat a lot of sugar before it. Try to stay away form sugar until after the test. Plus the stuff that you have to drink is full of sugar which will get your baby jumping around!


Beth B - December 22

You don't have to fast on the one hour but if you can I would. I failed my one hour test but pa__sed my three hour. I firmly believe that if I would have just skipped my breakfast then I may have pa__sed my one hour and not have had to go through the HORRIBLE three hour test. So if it won't hurt you skip breakfast and bring somthing to eat afterwards.


lmrod55 - December 22

My doc said that I didn't have to fast (just stay away from sugar)...but I had heard too many stories of ladies failing the 1 hour. So I wanted to increase my chances of not having to take the 3 hour test, and I did fast and past the 1 hour! I say fast with the 1 hour if you can. Good luck!


T - December 22

I did not fast before my test (I had eaten an egg mcmuffin on the way )and ended up having to do a 3hour glucose tolerance test. My first result was 2 points above normal. The three hour test came out normal. Believe me, it is worth it to fast. It will save you a four hour office visit plus money!


jb - December 22

My doc told me not to fast. I ate cottage cheese and water for breakfast and then went. I pa__sed the test fine. IF you are going to eat before I would avoid carbs and sugar (like in juice) before you go. That way you fail and have to stay for the 3 hour test.


Faiths mommy - December 22

I failed my 1 hour test I had a gatorade and peanut b___ter toast, I guess it was the gatorade that did it.


jb - December 22

I mean that way you WONT fail.


Charlene - December 22

My test was done late in the day and I did not fast. I think there were probably a few hours though before where I did not eat. Dr never ever mentioned fasting. I would definitly stay away from sugary foods if you do eat - drinks too.


denise - December 22

I was told you could have a light meal but I decided to fast anyway because I didn't want to fail the one hour test. It worked for me because I pa__sed.


Nicole - December 22

My doctor said I didn't have to fast before the one hour test. They said if I wanted to have something to eat before due to morning sickness I could have a gla__s of milk and a piece of dry toast.


Emy - December 22

I failed the 1 hr by 2 points and I blame the cereal I had that morning! I hated the 3 hour test. Totally sucked. If I could do it over I would not eat anything the morning of my 1 hr.


for my - December 22

first pregnancy I didn't eat anything before the one hr and I failed the test. The stuff made me feel faint, needless to say I failed that one, but pa__sed the 3 hour. I just had another 1 hr today ( second pregnancy, same dr, same nasty orange c___p), did not fast this time. The test went well as far as I am concerned because I didn't feel faint. Looking at the other posts here I guess the results vary.



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