Does Everyone Have An Ultrasound In 3rd Trimester

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madison - January 18

my dr. told me today that i wouldnt be having any more ultrasounds. i thought i was going to have one more after 30 weeks but he said everything seems to be going fine and that insurance companies usually wont pay for one more. what is everyone else's experience? my dr. doesnt do sonograms in his office, i have to see a tech. my last one was at around 20 weeks. i am now 30 weeks, baby is measuring 30 weeks. just wondering!


chrissi79 - January 18

I've only had one US - at 20 weeks.


catgiggles - January 18

That is the same as me. I had my last one at 18 weeks 4 days. I'm 30 weeks now and wont have another one unless I start measuring wrong.


trish2041 - January 18

yeah i've had like 4 but because i was measuring big come to find out my baby is breech thats why im measuring big. now i'll keep on having one each week to see if she moves into the right position. hopefully insurance is going to pay for all of these.


nounou159 - January 19

same as me,i had my last u/s at 20 weeks and now i am 33 weeks and the doc said to me that i wont have another one,but i am really want to see my baby again


KarenCT - January 19

I have one every 6 weeks - but this is the norm for s/africa - last one will be done will you are in labour as all medical aids cover this as part of doc consultation - guess we are really lucky then !


crystal74 - January 21

i only got one scheduled ultrasound. but at weeks i was spotting so we got to see our little peanut and then at 16 weeks i went in to urgent care for severe vomiting for a week straight and they did an ultrasound on my galbladder and the tech moved down so we could see our baby. so we got two more than we should have but it was way worth it. then i got my "scheduled" one at 19 weeks and the tech said we're having a boy but the ultrasound picture is very unclear. so i'm a little leary.


juju - January 21

i had one at 35 wks for a estimate of his weight



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