Does Everyone Nest

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sugarunnie - October 13

I am 38 weeks and 5 days and i have not started nesting yet! I own my own business and i work really long hours so by the time i get home i am to tired to do any thing! I straighten upthe house and everything but have not yet had the urge to go crazy and clean does this mean im not ready to have the baby yet? does everyone have to nest?


Julie - October 13

I think everyone is different I have been nesting for months and nothing.


Tara - October 13

I'm 37 weeks and don't have the urge either..i don't feel like doing anything.


holly - October 13

i am almost 35 weeks and have been stuck at home on bed rest for 2 weeks now. you'd think i would begin to nest for shere boredom, but i really haven't. i guess it's because i do get real tired easily and i have to watch my blood pressure. I pick up my house and keep the laundry pretty well caught up, but as for "super" cleaning, haven't had the desire to do it.


Ranya - October 14

I was wondering the same thing, I'm not nesting at all, I mean the house routine has been going on as usual, but nothing out of the ordinary at all...I hate housework to begin with so maybe that's why ;) I'm 14 days shy of my dd and I don't see it happening before I deliver!


Kelly K - October 14

I haven't gotten the urge either. I'm not really the housework kinda gal though. I'd rather lay on the sofa watching tv and drinking tea all night.


Carol - October 14

I think it jusst depends. I have started to have crazy desires to have everything spotlessly clean all the time. I am 36 weeks and am having the pest control people out to spray today and the rug people out this afternoon to clean all the carpets. I sometimes have the urge to take all the dishes etc. out of the cupboards and clean. I just want everything organized and ready to go. I have my bags all packed and I am set. I have a terrible fear that I am going to go into labor early. I have been having contractions for the past two weeks!


holly - October 14

carol! i want some of your nesting lotion!


Jen - October 14

I have felt this was for the past few months! I constantly go into the baby's room and rearrange things, reorganize his clothes and map out where we are going to put the furniture. It is terrible! I know that I need to be resting, but something inside of me just has to do this!! I have also developed this rediculous cleanliness. After dinner I have to clean the entire kitchen with clorox instead of just wiping things down with a wet rag (or not at all LOL!). Sometimes I feel a little obsessive-compulsive (I also arranged all of my canned goods in my pantry by category (fruit/veg/soup) and then by flavor. Sigh...I hope that this will go away once the baby is born because I know I won't have time to do any of this needless work! You guys probably all think I am insane now!!!!!


kr - October 15

hi, I'm like Jen. I move the furniture, freeze food,clean, and quilt like crazy. I'm even taking an interest in sc___p booking.Yikes!! this all started around week 20 when I lost work though. So I guess half of it is me being stir crazy.


M - October 21

No, not everyone nests. Sure, it happens, but it means nothing.



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