Does It Hurt To Have An EPIDURAL

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babygirl - July 21

for all of those who already had an epidural... did it hurt .. i'm scared of needles but i really want to have an epidural


Maggie - July 21

babygirl, I went through my entire 1st. pregnancy thinking I was going to be super-woman, and do everything naturally. I had to be induced, and my labor was all in my back, and it was very uncomfortable. I decided to go with the epidural, and while it did hurt for a minute, the pain of the epidural was nothing compared to the pain of labor. Once the meds from the epidural kicked in (which was almost instantly), I was able to enjoy the experience, and be calm and relaxed. I'm 9 weeks pregnant with my second, and I can say with absolute certainty I will have the epidural again. Good Luck, and no worries you will do great!


Nick - July 21

I asked my friend the same question, because she has had 3 babies. She said when it comes time you will not care about the tiny needle in your back as long as it takes the pain away!


Julie - July 21

I was scared to death and didn't know if I was going to get the epidural because I was so afraid of a needle in my back. Well it turns out that I didn't even feel it. Just a little pressure on the back and that was it. Nothing compared to the pain!


Michelle - July 21

Heck no! compared to the contractions at that point, (not to scare you) an epidural is heaven!!! I just had my baby July 17!!! And let me tell you I could not have done it without one. If you have had you blood drawn before which if you pregnant you have, the epidural needle feels just like that, a little poke, and then the after effect is so nice!!! And I have not had any back problems since. Do it!!! its way worth it. You should enjoy your delivery. You can still feel the tightness of the contractions, but no pain at all.


babygirl - July 23

thank you all for your comments... i feel more comfortable with my decision


Maleficent - July 25

i didn't even feel it. they numbed me first with a very small needle that felt like a bee sting, then waited untill the next contraction to insert the epidural. i didn't feel a thing. one bit of advice, if you don't like needles then DON'T LOOK at what will be going into your back. i've had 3 epidurals and still have no idea what that needle looks like.



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