Does It Really Feel Like Poohing

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Heidi - September 8

Okay not to be gross but I've been reading a lot in these forums about how some women describe labor like having to take a giant pooh! Some women I've talked to said they had really bad diarrhea before they went into labor. I'm hoping this is all it feels like cus I can handle that!!!!! Do you feel a lot of the pain in your back or where is the pain during labor? In your tummy? I hate tummy aches. They're so painful sometimes. Just curious to hear what all the already moms experienced. I'm still not scared of labor. I never even think about it. I just know it'll happen once and I won't be so uncomfortable anymore! Well besides the tearing, if that happens. Ouch!


leslie - September 8

Heidi I was curious about the same thing..I have been reading a lot that it feels like taking a pooh! I hate that feeling, just the other day I was eating with hubby and then all of a sudden my stomach started hurting and then i felt like I had to take a poo (it ruined my meal :( ..I hate stomach pains too!! I can handle anything except that! I preffer a toothache, earache but I hate stomachaches.. I am not so scared of labor either..well b/c like you I don't even think about it..I am like "if its going to happen its going to happen there is nothing I can do to stop it now" that usually helps :) what is starting to freak me out is that I don't know how a baby is going to come out of there...just the other day the doctor did an internal check up and it hurted when he put something in there! I was like OMG how in the world is a baby going to come out of there!lol! I am sure it'll be fine but can't help to think about it...


Heidi - September 8

I can handle the pooh feeling but not the belly ache pooh feeling. I hate those and I got them a lot during this pregnancy. Nothing agreed with me half the time and I'd end up doubled over with a bad stomach ache and end up on the toilet half the time. Yuck! But I can handle the constipated giant pooh feeling. Ha ha! Probably TMI but that's what this forum is all about. Nothing to hide! If it's in my back I can handle it but I always imagined labor pains being in your whole belly area or whatever. I hope I'm wrong!!!! I was always pretty good about handling bad period cramps too.


MK - September 8

With my first, I was only 15 years old! I thought it was gonna feel like death.. or torture! Anyway...It really was easier than I thought. With every pain I kept telling myself that it was only gonna get worse...Afterward I shugged and said, "hmmm that wasn't so bad... It's funny because when I had my next was murder...probably because I thought my first was "SO" easy! I am nervous to do it yet again! Good luck both!


Missey - September 8

I have two children and I am expecting #3 this month. Well for me, during labor, the pain was like GIANT menstrual cramps all over my stomach.(I had both natural) But not like a 'tummy ache' feeling, it was tightening and cramping like. Some women have back labor as well...but for me it was just in the front..thank GOD! The 'takin a poo' feelin didn't come until the baby had dropped into the birth ca___l, right before pushing. It's major pressure 'down there'.. you know the baby is coming.. It's like your body takes over,so to speak, and you have the same urge as when you're having a TMI I guess. Ya know you hear stories bout women sayin 'It's comin! I have to push!" That's how it was for me....your body kinda starts to push on it's own ....just like with a BM.... That's good you're not scared of shouldn't be...all those weird feelings are to help that baby out... ;) Good luck and take care!


Julie - September 8

When I first started having labor pains I felt like I had to poop it did feel like you have to have the poops really bad but as labor progressed it felt much much worse like the worst possible period cramps ever!!!!! I had low back pain really bad and ended up getting an epidural.


Heidi - September 8

My friend said with all three of her kids it was just horribly painful. But I watched the waterbirth videos my midwife gave me and these women didn't appear to be in that much pain. They weren't puffing and panting or crying. Most of them just looked a little uncomfy when they pushed but seemed all really calmed and relaxed. I pray that happens for me as I'm doing a water birth too.


lol - September 8

I'm sorry, this is TOO funny.. I'm lactose intolerant so I figure it'll be similar to as if I ate too much dairy.. epidural, here I come!


Heidi - September 8

Oh god. I'm gonna get roids for sure!!!! Instead of pushing the baby out I'll be bearing down like I'm taking a c___p! Ha ha!


Aisha - September 8

Funny thread. For me it feels like really bad period my lowe abdomen and when you push it does feel similar to a fact I did to a BM on the table. I was so embaressed ! Baths make the pain less noticeable but once it starts hitting the floor there isnt much that can help to be honest



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