Does It Sound Like I Need To Be Induced Or Have A C Section

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rashadsmommie - March 14

My due date is 3-18. i went to the doctor yesterday and he said my cervix is still HIGH and i haven't dilated not even ONE centimeter! i asked him about being induced and he told me to wait a week past my due date! but honestly i don't want to do that because i haven't had any signs of labor! i've tried everthing, from eating pineapples, nipple stimulation, walking [for hours!], squats, drinking tea, bathes, just to name a few! my mother couldn't deliver me or my brother naturally due to a cervix that wouldn't dilate and the same thing happened to all 3 of her sisters! so what should i do????


Cevvin - March 14

you might bring up the possibility of going in for cervidil. Ive done the gel 3 times this week and now am 4 cm and 70% effaced. Going in on monday to be induced if it doesn't start on its own. If your doc doesn't want to do it, then i suggest getting a second opinion. Good luck


Gena - March 15

I would wait. I wouldn't wish for being induced. I know it gets uncomfortble, but if your body is not ready the induction will fail as well. I had the same problems and was sent into be induced, it failed and they had to do it 2 days in a row. I was in horrible pain and had contractions but no dilation. I hope you can tough it out. Just b/c you're not dilated today doesn' t mean you won't be tomorrow. And trying to induce labor yourself also won't help unless your body is ready. I wish you the best of luck but hopefully you can give it some more time and it happens on it's own. Good luck!


jodylb0221 - March 15

i was 4 days overdue, they were going to let me wait a week and half past my due date before inducing me, i had no signs of labour either. but the saturday before i had my son it came on full force. my contractions STARTED at 3-4 cm apart, i had to go through 21 hours of labour before having a csection. my mother had problems delivering too, but she did it. v____ally... i tried but no luck.. i have a narrow pelvis and i never dialated more than 6cm.. i hope youare lucky and your cervix dialates. i owuld wait, labour will happen... good luck to you :)


sahmof3 - March 15

As others have said... it can happen... your labor could just take off. On the other hand, if you don't dilate or efface at all on your own I'd talk to your doctor about a scheduled c-section. I never dilated at all or effaced at all. At 41 weeks, 6 days I went into an unprogressing labor on my own, but the ctxns were pretty weak, so they gave me Cervidil and eventually induced w/ Pitocin and I had what seemed like one, long horrible ctxn for HOURS! I eventually got an epidural which was a lifesaver!! Anyway, I eventually had to have an emergency c-section. I think sometimes when your body doesn't jump start itself into labor, there's a reason... MAYBE yours is a hereditary cervix problem... I found out in my pregnancy with my 2nd that mine was scarring of the cervix from a D&C for m/c that I had before my oldest was born. Through all of my pain and terrible labor I only ever got to 1/2 cm.! ugh! If there would have been a way to know b4hand I would have just scheduled a c-section (which I did with my 2nd and 3rd babies). Sorry... I don't want to be a downer, it's just that I have had experience with a non-dilating cervix, and I'd have rather just had the c-section and skipped the 24 hours of pointless labor. But, it's a tough call when you really don't know what will happen until you are there.


lunamoo - March 16

Just be patient and let nature takes its course. There are many many reasons that labor stalls, or that the cervix stops dialating and this does not have to do necessarily with somthing wrong with the mothers. Stress and fear can play a huge factor and doctors in hospitals not being patient themselves! Drs these days are in such a rush to "get things going" that the rate of inductions, epidurals, oxytocin iv and c-sections is astronomical! Check out the stats especially for the USA. Two weeks past due date, most problem. Labor that lasts over 24 hours, most problem. Now days it seems its all about fast food, quick fixes and fast deliveries. I would say relax if you can. Baby just isn't ready yet and as long as he/she is healthy where he/she is, then what is the rush. You have be patient and waited already 9 months, whats a few more days or a week? Good luck!



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