Does It Sound Like My Membranes Were Stripped

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jennifer_33106 - February 15

Hey guys! Yesterday was my 39th week appt. During my internal, my doctor while seeing how effaced and dialted I was told me that I was the same I was the week prior. 1 1/2 cm dialted and 30% effaced. He then did something but didnt say what it was. It was actually kinda painful. He said that I would feel something like electric shocks in my cervix area. It felt like he was trying to open it or something. He told me after it was over that I might spot a little bit after and that if i start to feel different in any way that I should call the doctors office and go to the L&D. Anyways I was looking up info about stripping membranes because I wanted to ask him about it for my next appt next week, and everything I found seems to say that is what he did. I have lost my mucus lpug already but since yesterday I have been losing bigger pieces of it. No blood either. Can you guys tell me about your experiences with stripping the membranes? Also IF that is what he did I am in no way mad. I would be thanking God and him right now. haha I just dont want anyone to think he is a bad doctor that he didnt tell me or what not. He is the best doctor I have ever seen actually. So anyways is that what it sounds like he did?


jennifer_33106 - February 15

Also dont know if this is relevant but he said that my cervix feels like a mashmellow. haha which is good he said. Does that matter? I havent had any contractions that differ from the BH ones I have already been having either.


cors1wfe - February 15

It sounds like he stripped your membranes and when the cervix softens it means you are getting ready for labor - pretty soon for you girl especially if you lost your mucus plug - sometimes you spot after sometimes you don't how exciting for a some nice leisurely walks and see if that doesn't help get things going. Good Luck


jennifer_33106 - February 15

Oh and last night I did have some very light cramping too but nothing that would have made me think labor. haha


jennifer_33106 - February 15

haha YAY! I really hope that is what he did because I am so ready for this to be over and see the end product. haha Thanks so much! I will walk a freakin 100 miles if that will get things moving. haha I really appriciate it!!


wv_red - February 15

Hey Jennifer just wanted to say good luck and I hope it happens soon for you!!!


jennifer_33106 - February 16

Thanks WV! I hope everything is going well for you and your pregnancy!!



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