Does Medicaid Cover The Epidural Fee

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babygirl - July 23

i was wondering if medicaid pays for the epidural if having a natural birth??


S - July 23

I'm not sure- I just had to respond to "Babs". I got medicaid coverage as well. My insurance (blue cross/blue shield) would not cover pregnancy for atleast 2 years of carrying insurance through them. My personal situation- My fiance makes very good money- he owns his own company and pays serious taxes. My parents are the same as well. I figure why not take just a small portion of what we pay in?


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 23

Babs, you are an idiot. Babygirl, yes medicaid does pay for an epidural, and any other pain meds you need or at least they do in Arkansas. I am not sure if every state is different but I would think they would pay for it.


... - July 23

S, if your fiance makes very good money then there is no way you qualify for medicaid. So, you lied and only included your income. For two adults and one being pregnant, you have to make less than 34,000 a year. Evidently he doesn't make good money or you lied to the government and didn't include his income...............


S - July 23

I didn't lie. I lived by myself when I very first got pregnant (you have to list all who lives with you), and we are not married. And, once you're approved the will not drop you, no matter how much income levels change. So detective, how did I lie?


so much judgement... - July 23

this is to .... you have to be married before her fiance's income would have anything to do with it. and to Babs, you really should learn a person's before you decide to be so judgemental or keep your ignorant comments to yourself


oops - July 23

person's situation


Jbear - July 23

Looks like a few people are having an attack of the b___hies today...yes, medicaid pays for all of the hospital stuff, including any special care your infant might need or specialists who look at your infant. It also pays for your baby's care for the first year. When I had my daughter I had a spinal headache from the ansethesia, and medicaid also paid for the procedure to fix it. No one should feel like they have to explain why they're on's there if someone needs it, and that's what we all pay taxes for. Also, if you qualified for Medicaid, you're eligible for WIC, so you might think about getting it.


Yes!! - July 24

I received Healthy Start about 10 years ago. I had to put down my fiance's income. I was still in College and he worked. We qualified for healthy Start because "Our" income was less than $32,000 a year. My sister and her boy fiend worked. The government paid for most of the costs. Her boyfriend had to pay $2000 back. I could be wrong, you do have to put down the father's income. If you had put down the father's income, you won't have received Healthy Start.


S - July 24

I don't know what healthy start is? I know the father may have to backpay on a__sistance for the child being covered and any other a__sistance (food stamps, cash). I did not have to put my fiance's income because we did not live together, and, obviously we were not married. I also think that my baby is covered for 6 weeks after birth, not 1 year, although that would be nice.


Yes!! - July 24

Healthy Start is medical care for low income pregnant moms or women with children. Its medicaid for pregnant women. Well, thats what it called in WI. My sister didn't receive money or food stamps. Her boyfriend also didn't live with her. I guess it depends on what state you stay in. Lucky you!!! Good luck with your pregnancy


Carly - July 24

My husband has a 13 year old who's mother was on medicaid when she was born. Even though her birth was covered for the mother,he had to pay back medicaid for the birth. Things may have changed since then. He was eighteen at the time and making minimum wage at a diner.


B. - July 24

Yes, they do cover epidurals! My medicaid has paid for all office visits, vitamins, ultrasounds, etc. I have not had to pay out of pocket once! Being on medicaid, my fiance makes good money also, but with me out of work right before getting pregnant, I had no insurance either. Since I couldn't get regular insurance because of how far along I was I got medicaid. I actuallly had to tell them my fiance is a roommate and the father (unknown) cannot be contacted. I also had to tell them I normally would pay my roommate $500/month in rent. They wouldn't approve me for medicaid if I hadn't fudged the truth a little bit, and would not have been able to cover the expenses otherwise. I too, think since we pay taxes for this why not take advantage of it if its needed! I do think once the baby is born we will get our own insurance to cover any baby checkups, as I don't want to rely on this forever!


Carly - July 24

I think people should not feel ashamed for using these services for what they are there for, which is helping people get on their feet, when they need extra help. It is the people that use these services as a lifestyle and do not even try to help themselves who should be ashamed.


babygirl - July 24

i think babs is going through some drastic hormonal changes :-p to the others thanks for your opinion by the way i believe medicaid pays for the first year of the baby after that you need to reapply... B. i didn't know you could buy vitamins with medicaid how do you do it... i want to b___stfeed so i need to keep taking them


B. - July 24

Babygirl, my doctor prescribed a basic prenatal vitamin to me. You can probably just ask your doctor. I also had really bad allergies and was able to get flonase free of charge as well. How far along are you? I'm 31 weeks with a boy, cant wait till he's here!


babygirl - July 24

i'm 37 weeks and 5 days almost 38 :) and i'm having a girl... i can't wait to see her but i'm kind of afraid if it turns out to be a boy since i already have everything in pink... :-)



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