Does Sex Really Work

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Jules - October 13

I just came from the Dr. and am 40 weeks today. I have to go back on Mon. I was only dialated about a cm and I asked her if there was anything I could do and she suggested s_x. I am willing to try anything but I gotta tell you s_x at this point isn't going to be much fun!


Kelly K - October 13

I've been told that s____n actually has something in it that causes you to soften and dialate.


Tara - October 13

I'm 37 weeks on Monday and i agree s_x isn't fun at all anymore..the first trimester was great..the second was ok..and the third just right down sucks..LOL..but i've also heard that s_x does work...good luck


Jl - October 13

I've been making my husband have tons of s_x, at least once a day, since 37 weeks and still nothing. I'm 39 weeks 1 day today, and nothing has seemed to work for me. I've tried pineapple, nipple stimulation, s_x s_x s_x, pumping, walking, spicy food, and so on and none of it has worked! I know that seman contains something similar to pitocin, but apparently not enough! Good luck!


Jules - October 13

Thanks ladies I guess we will try tonight and tomorrow I will go for a long walk. I bought some pineapple and have been taking red rasberry herbs. Hope something works!


Tammy - October 13

It worked with my last pregnancy. We had s_x on Saturday night 1 week before my due date. I work up Sunday morning and lost my mucus plug. My son was born that afternoon. Who knows? This time, I am 38 weeks and just found out the baby is breech and over 9 pounds. No s_x for me. I have to have a c-section next Friday.


:) - October 13

It's not the s_x that does it, it is the orgasm- it causes your uterus to contract naturally which can help you dialate and speed up labor!


Amy - October 13

S_x is supposed to help it along because there are prostaglandins in the s____n that softens the cervix. Good luck to you!


Julie - October 14

My doc told me it was the contents in the sperm that would help ripen my cervix. We tried it last night I am really hoping something will happen. If not I guess I'm going to be in the same uncomfortable position tonight. Poor guy.


Brandie - October 14

It both, the sperm and the orgasm. Just have as much s_x as you can bear.



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