Does That Mean Its Coming Soon

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^lucy^ - May 6

hi all, i have a question hoping someone can help me plz :) im 37 weeks now and few days pregnant with 1st baby and im due may 24... i have been experiencing braxton hicks since a long time maybe started around 18 weeks..but they were mild and never painful and were like once in a day or so.. yesterday, i was having dinner outside with hubby and i noticed that i almost had 10 in an hour and a half and they were really tight and annoying.. i didnt time them - i dont know if i have to? - dr told me that she's exoecting me to have the baby anytime between 19 and 25 May.. could this mean anything? i havent been checked internally so i have no idea what's happening down there.. but everyone is telling me that baby definately is dropping down as my tummy shows.. can u help me plz? thanx a lot ladies and have sae deliveries and healthy babies :)


Alycia - May 6

I wouldn't count on it being too soon. Like you, I started getting BH at 16 weeks, and baby dropped around 36 1/2 weeks. Since around that time, I've been having tons and tons of BH, and they've gotten MUCH stronger - they even wake me up at night sometimes. But here I am, two days shy of my due date! You don't have to time them yet (now that you're past 37 weeks), especially since you've been having them for so long. Everyone tells me I'll KNOW when it's the real thing... besides, if you can get through the first few hours of labor not knowing you're in labor, it'll seem a lot faster and less stressful. Good luck!


angelbebe - May 6

Lucy- I am totally where you are! I don't know about you, but I would love to hear that labor is starting! : ) However, we just won't know until it happens! Unnerving, isn't it?!! Alycia-Can't believe you are due in 2 days! I can't wait to hear how your delivery goes. Find me on a thread somewhere afterwards.


Alycia - May 6

I'll definitely post a story afterwards! I'll have something about homebirth in the t_tle, so you should find it. Thanks for your interest!


starr - May 6

I am 34 wks today and have been having BH for the last month or so. My doc said as long as they are more than 10 mins apart that is normal, but if they start coming consistently less than 10 mins apart then I should contact him just to make sure everything is ok. Good Luck.


Fatima - May 6

I am 37 weeks and 5 days, and I feel like baby is already dropping, I have a lot of sharp pains down there and my belly looks smaller. I have had bh contractions since I was like 14 weeks, but for some reason I havent felt them at all!! I dont think labor is coming anytime soon! And baby is getting bigger and bigger.


^lucy^ - May 7

thanks to u all for ur feedbacks :) alycia im so excited for u tomorrow is ur due date!! angelbebe,starr, and fatima.. hope we'll have our babies soon as well :) around time and healthy ofcourse :)



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