Does The Baby Stop Moving Before Labour

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40 weeks + 2 days - January 27

I think I have heard this before, but does the baby almost stop moving completely before labour? My baby has been extremely active my whole pregnancy but for the past 2 days, it's barely moved at all. I know it is ok because I have been able to wake it and get it to move slightly enough to ease my mind, but it has definitly slowed down A LOT and seemingly all of a sudden. I am 40 weeks + 2 days, at my last appointment I was 2 cms and my cervix was "paper thin". I just want to be suer the baby is OK.


Z.nina - January 27

hi,i am not sure about that but i know a relative of mine who gave birth a month ago and told me that her baby stopped moving 4 days before birth,not stop moving completly but her baby didn't move as before,i think it is because of the space in the belly being tight.goodluck anyway,wish you the best


Z.nina - January 27

i forgot to add that although her baby wasn't moving as before,she brought a wonderful girl and she is one fine healthy baby.


Noelle - January 27

I've been having the same thing happen, but as long as you feel the oca__sional flutter or kick dont worry, pay attention if it bothers you though and if the baby doesnt move for say, an entire day and your positive of it, dont be afraid to call or even go to the hospital to make sure the heartbeat is regular and everythings fine. I wouldn't worry though, its very normal for them to slow down when the space gets cramped.


Reesh - January 27

I am 39 weeks and my baby has been moving less and less these past few days. My mom says that's what happened to her when she was pregnant with me. The thing that brings me piece of mind is getting my huisband to listen for the baby's heartbeat, because believe it or not, you can hear the heartbeat with just your ears on the belly this late in the game. It always makes me feel better when he can hear it...



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