Does The Baby Stop Moving Close To Delivery

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RG - anxiously awaiting! - November 7

I have 4 days to go to due baby doesn't move as much as she did 2 weeks ago, is this normal? I thought I remembered someone saying that they don't kick and punch as much as before...but not sure. Wanted some other mommie's input...and if I cannot get it, I'll call my dr and just normally takes longer to get an answer there! Thanks everyone!


klm - November 7

they get so cramped they don't have the room to flip and flop around, you should still be feeling movement though, rolls and jabs. I'm 37 weeks and noticed a decline in activity and get worried every now and then because I can't remember the last time I felt something. I hope it indicates its near!


RG - November 7

Thanks klm...I may go ahead and call the doctor to ask. I am almost sure they said movements would decrease. I do feel stuff...but I think they are really mild contractions. I just had a checkup Friday and HB was fine.


kim j - November 7

today is my due day an i have noticed less movement for the past 2 weeks. they do slow down as you get closer to delivery but it would be wise to call you doc as well. they did a nst on me today to make sure he was not stressing from all the contractions. he was really sluggish until i drank some juice then he moved around alittle more. gl...


sian - November 8

i noticed a lot less movement in the few days before i had my baby. the midwife said its natures way of saving the babys energy for the big day, and sure enough my son came 2-3 days later.goodluck!!


M&M - November 8

If your baby is face down, then he/she won't be able to punch or kick your stomach anymore. They will punch and kick towards your back... I have the same thing happening with me. Your baby might also just be resting to get ready for the big day, or getting into position. If you are really worried, then call your doctor, but everyone has told me that it is normal.



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