Does This Kid Ever Sleep

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Tracie - July 12

I'm 30 weeks and my child is moving constantly throughout the day and evening. I think he only sleeps while I'm sleeping. Even when I get up to use the bathroom at night he's moving. I've heard that there are sleep cycles, but I'm not seeing any. Anyone else?


Jodie - July 12

Im 24 weeks and my bub is constantly moving aswell, and apparently when i sleep so my fiance told me yesterday, i keep telling him this ones hypo :)


Kara - July 12

Tracie, I'm 30 weeks also and people keep asking me, can you feel him move, and i'm like, I can never NOT feel him moving! Man! If he's awake as much as this when he's born we aren't going to get much sleep! LOL :-)


Kel - July 12

Tracie I know how you feel. I'm about 30 1/2 weeks and my baby boy is constantly jabbing me. Lately he's been sticking me in my ribs which is really uncomfortable. I was also wondering if anyone has found that breathing is a bit more difficult, especially when sitting down. ANyway, hang in there Tracie, we will get through this.


miranda - July 12

yes, I am also 30 1/2 weeks and I'm convinced this child is trying to get out through my bellyb___ton!


Staci - July 12

Yep, me too! I am 29 weeks. I keep saying to my hubby that I think he is trying to dig his way out. The other day I hugged hubby, and the baby was kicking against him the whole time. Hubby said "what, is he running in there?" I find that the baby does seem to sleep in 30 min cycles, like the book says. Chances are, those 30 minutes youre preoccupied so you dont notice that u dont feel him for that short time. Then the baby is up again and THAT you notice. :) Last night was the first night the baby let me sleep in weeks. Of course I WORRIED if he was okay, since I usually have been feeling him constantly....and then last night he didnt keep me awake for once. just goes to show u cant win that way either! :)


Staci - July 12

p.s. yes. its harder to breathe- your diaphragm, stomach and lungs are more compressed in the third trimester, at least till the baby drops.



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