Does This Mean I M Close

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mary_ln - January 3

I had a dr appointment yesterday and she said that I was 1-2cm dilated and 50%effaced. She said she could feel his head, but it felt like she had to reach way up in there! lol anyway, I am just wondering if this means I could go into labor soon. I am 37wks today and want to be done, but am super scared when I think about what that truly means!


Jilloh - January 3

I have two days until my due date. I was a 2 at 37 weeks, a 3 at 38 weeks, not checked at 39 weeks, and today I was 4. My baby too was high the past two checks but today she felt the bag of water. I wouldn't get my hopes up but kudos if you do go soon!


KRISTINA - January 3

No, it doesnt mean you will deliver soon, but it also doesnt mean that you wont deliver soon. I know that doesnt make sense, but some women dilate from 1-10 in one day and others stay at 2 cm for a month or longer. So it could go either way. I am 37 weeks, 2 cm, and 50% effaced. My doc also had to do some reaching to feel the cervix. He said he would bet that I have at least a week left, but that anything is possable and I could go in labor tonight. So I guess what I am saying is....Dont get your hopes up, but there is no way in telling what will happen. With my last I knew the day had arrived when I had my bloody show and sure enough my contractions started later that afternoon.


cfuller - January 3

I am 37 weeks today also but unlike you, i have not dialated any. Doc did feel the baby's head though. I've also heard that some women can be dialated for weeks before they actually go into labor and deliver and some women can be completely closed during an appointment then open up and go into labor that same day. It really depends on the woman. If you go into labor soon I envy you lol, i'm so ready to be done! I'm ready to have my little girl in my arms finally instead of in my stomach. I'd like to be able to sleep at night and in whatever position i find comfortable, i'd like to be able to bend down to pick things up i've dropped or to tie my shoes, I'd like to be able to take a deep breath and get enough oxygen LOL. Good luck to you Mary, I really hope you are almost done. Is your due date January 24th?



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