Does Walking Really

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erin25 - October 3

help you go into labor? I have heard so many people say to start walking a lot towards the end and it would help speed the process this true?


Pearl - October 3

I think the theory is that it helps the baby's head move farther down (gravity and activity) into the pelvis, therefore a__sisting with effacement and dilation. I would guess that it can help, but it's mostly to keep the mother busy and moving. Not sure though.


WP - October 3

It's funny you should ask this question, because I was just reading a study about women walking the hospital halls while in the second stage of labour to "speed things up," as you say. The study concluded that walking had no effect whatsoever on quickening the labour process. As far as triggering it? I don't know, but it's a good idea to stay as fit as possible for the birth, so it can't hurt either way.


sarah21 - October 3

My OB said they tell women that to give them something to do and to get them exercising but it doesn't really help. It definitely has to help, though, to be up and use gravity to your full advantage.


erin25 - October 3

I have heard so many confusing!!! I am only 36 weeks but I would really like to see some dialation or thinning or just something!!! I know the longer the baby stays in the better but wow.......I really want to meet him and I can't take being pregnant anymore!! How far along are you guys?


Pearl - October 3

I am 35 w 4d with my third child (second son). I was put on bed rest at my appointment yesterday. I really would LOVE to go for a walk, but I'm not allowed. I have to wait until Thursday to see what my doctor wants to do. I had a 30 point blood pressure jump this week.


tori205 - October 3

idk, but with my first, the night before i went to the mall with my mom for 3 hours and walked and walked and walked... and that night started to have daughter was born on her due date almost 9 years ago...but i have a feeling that this one is coming 39 weeks.


Tammy276 - October 4

I think it is different for everyone. One of my friends started walking everyday, 3 miles and she still went 2 weeks past her due date. I didn't walk at all and I went 2 weeks before my due date. It was kinda funny. I had my baby on her due date and she had hers on mine. We swapped!


denimb__terfly - October 4

My doctor answered my husband when he asked this with a big no. But... I went to my appointment on a Monday (I was 38weeks2days) and I was not effaced or dialated AT ALL! Well, Thursday I decided to walk until I couldn't walk anymore (almost an hour on hills!) and my water broke! and I dialated to 1-2 and effaced 50%. So, when your body is ready your body is ready I guess. But, I can't help but think that walking those hills having the babies head feel like it was coming out (because of it pushing down so hard) helped things along. :-)


sahm2alaj - October 4

I started having contractions while i was shopping at the mall... when i got to the hospital i was only 1 cm dialated so the nurses told me to walk around the hospital and come back in 2 hours to be checked. Well 2 hours later i was 3 cm so i am a firm believer in walking! No matter what doctors may say, I am going by personal expirience :)


TiffanyRae - October 4

I am sure walking helps....but I was two weeks overdue and walked twice a day EVERYDAY!! lol I was waddeling up and down my street. It got to the point where twice a car pulled over and said "no baby yet huh...we see you everyday" lol Talk about frustrating! But seriously even if it doesn't help put you into labor...walking is always healthy and a great way to get some fresh air.


Pipa - October 6

Hey, as long as its done in moderation, it can only help right? I'm going to start walking every evening. I'm 36 wks and as of this last Thur no dilation but some softening which is fine by me b/c I want the little guy to incubate at least another week or two minimum. :)



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