Does Your Baby Already Have A Personality

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K - March 1

I know it sounds strange, but I notice different types and rates of movement from day to day. She'll spend one day moving around what feels like the entire day, then for a day or two, she'll actually make me nervous because it feels like she's barely there.This scares me sometimes, because I start to wonder if she's OK, then the next day she's back to dancing around again. Kind of like she has "on" days and "off" days, you know? Anyone else notice this?


JennyC - March 1

I like to pretend mine has a personality. I call her ornery, or sweet, or whatever, but I doubt it has much to do with her. Probably more about how I feel that day. I do know that they have on and off days, though. My guess is that comes from what kind of day we've had since they are so affected by our stress, excercise, eating, drinking, etc.


Ba8y6irl - March 1

I feel the exact same way K... I fell she likes to have her active days where sometimes I wish she would sleep for a couple hours, and then there are those days where I jiggle her just to make her move cuz she sleeps all day. Its like she has my personality! Most of the time I am upbeat and cheery but somedays I just feel like slackin off and sleeping :-P


Tess - March 1

Im in that situation too. Im expecting a lil girl in May and Im 28-29 wks pg. Some days shes very active and pretty much the whole day I would just feel her poking me and kicking me. Then there are days that shes sooooo quiet. I would be nervous when I dont feel her so what I usually do is drink OJ or Pineapple juice to wake her up and for me to feel her move.


bean - March 1

I've noticed that on her quiet days she'll grow, and then when she wakes up and becomes more active, her kicks are stronger than ever before. Even people in my baby prep cla__s have noticed that I grew a lot from one week to the next, and she had just had 3 very quiet "growing" days. But as for personality, yah, definitely! She's more shy around her daddy, but recently she started pushing back when he'd push on my belly and talk to her. It's cute to watch her getting to know her family.


janelle - March 1

I notice it there are days I just say please quit kicking me,but when she has her sleepy days I find myself trying to stimulate her to get her to move because I get so nervous. I think bean is right she is growing and when she is done she likes to show me how strong she is lol!! Bye the way I am 35 weeks today


K - March 1

Thank you all! I feel so much better just being able to discuss stuff like this with other women in the same situation!


to K - March 2

The variations in quant_ty & quality of movement is normal. It's not so much personality as it is that we all have our on & off days.


Monique - March 7

I'm 32 weeks and my daughter DEFINITELY has a personality!! At 20 week level 2 ultrasound, she put her hand on her hip and looked over her shoulder. At 28 week level 2, she opened her eyes and started "talking" for a LONG time!! She likes certain music, hates others. When I do something she doesn't like she kicks once and hard. And so on and so on.... She also moves a lot on some days and hardly at all on other days.



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