Does Yours Hiccup Everyday

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Bumpy - January 7

I'm at 38 weeks and my little girl is hiccuping at least once a about yours?


BB - January 7

Nope its spuratic (sp?) I am 36 weeks.


shelly - January 7

for a while my baby was getting them everyday, sometimes twice a day. now its not so much. my doc said its fine and doesnt bother them as it does us. im 37 weeks now.


Heather - January 7

I'm 37 weeks tomorrow and mine "usually gets them at least every evening. There has been a day or two per week in the last 2 weeks (never in a row) where she didn't get them. Every once in a while she will get them during the day too.


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 7

When I was preganant, Lucas got the hicuups a min of three times a day! He still gets them all the time!


Abbi - January 7

I'm 35 weeks pregnant with twin girls and we all get the hiccups so often it's stupid! Sometimes they will have the hiccups at the same time as each other and me! Do you (the mummies!) get hiccups too? I've always been a little bit prone but it seems with pregnancy they've intensified. I get them most days for sometimes hours at a time, anyone else?


Bumpy - January 7

Thanks, I was honestly worried. Abbi, I think that we are in the same boat. I have always had frequent and kinda violent hiccups...maybe she is like me!


marisa - January 7

Hi! my baby seems to get them at least 2 times a day.


Jennifer - January 7

My baby got them all the time inside of me and now that she is here she still gets them. I just asked at infant care if it was normal and ok if she gets them. She just seems so uncomfy when she gets them. If your baby gets them often inside of you don't be suprised if she gets them once she is born! Good Luck!


Tamisha - January 8

May sound like a silly question, but I'm pg with my 1st, and I don't really know what hiccups feel like. How do I know if my baby is getting them?


Bumpy - January 8

Do you know where your baby's head is? You can tell if your baby is having them when you feel rhythmic movements a few seconds apart. The movement is probably close to where you think the head is also.It's like a little jolt repeated over and over.


Ca__sie - January 8

You will definantly figure it out if your baby gets hiccups. At first I thought it was precious... but the novelty wore off after a few days of it. It's like someone is tapping you from the inside... over and over and over and over- you get the point. Its probably the one thing that just drives me crazy! And my poor little baby can't help it so I try to laugh at myself if I start getting irritated by it


Karen - January 9

Every single day for 3-5 minutes. I am 34 weeks.



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