Dog Attack At 35 Weeks

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rockwife - May 18

Not a question but I just need to VENT! Oh it was sooo...I don't know how to describe it! Well let me start from the beginning. I own two dogs now, Nestle my chocolate labrador and Droopy (inherited from father in law) a black labrador/rottweiler. We have been having problems with our damn neighbor's keeping THEIR dog on their side of the fence for some time. For a long time in fact. Their dog CHEWS through the freaking fence ALL THE TIME! Now Rowdy is a big dog like my dogs. He's friendly around people but he does NOT like other dogs and he will get VICIOUS if he sees anyone near a dog near him. Some dominance thing, he has issues. Well, we've had to call Animal Control on him once. Our neighbors got a warning. Swell. Yesterday, Rowdy broke through the dang fence again! My black lab Droopy was trampled at him as he came tearing through! And I was PINNED! Everytime I tried to get away the dogs would keep me from escaping! I finally got around them and made it through the back fence while Droopy fought off the dog. I called Animal Patrol but their after hours only lead me to the police number. They came to 'check it out.' Droopy was unharmed and I had a couple scratches on my feet, but people I am 8 months pregnant slipping into 9 months! What if that dog had knocked me down? What if something serious would have happened?! I was still shaky, you have NO IDEA how scary a dogfight can be. You do NOT get involved and I couldn't get away and... Okay, deep breath. Well the police officer said the dog didn't seem vicious and the adults to the other house were gone. (They took off as soon as everything was over. Kids were in the back patching the whole.) Nothing could be done. We could go complain to Animal Control on Monday. You bet I'll &^*(_&+*&^ complain to Animal Control on Monday! I even have a picture of that dog on our property which when they came by the first time they said that is all they would need to give them a fine. I no longer go out in our backyard unless I have too. We are working on getting our electric fence up. I'm sure Abby is fine but still! What a scare...


krissy2006 - May 18

Omigosh that is soooo awful! I have never been attacked by a dog but my aunt (who had her first daughter 6 years ago) was walking her black lab in their neighborhood when a doberman and a great dane got loose from their backyard. My aunt walks her black lab with the leash looped around her waist. She was only 4 or 5 months pregnant but even still. The great dane attacked princess, my aunt's dog and the doberman followed and my aunt couldn't get away because she was tied to Princess. She was yanked to her knees onto the black a__sphault, jarring her hips and my poor cousin. Princess suffered severe internal injuries to both her neck (jugular as they were in for the kill) and her abdomen. Princess was a very social dog before the attack and now my aunt can't even take her outside not to mention the trauma my aunt went through thinking the dogs would kill her and her unborn baby. I would like the emphasize though that most dog attacks are not the fault of the dogs themselves, and definitely not the victims fault but the owners of the dog for not keeping them secured, whether it be by a chain, a secure fence etc. You should definitely definitely speak with animal control...the owners of that dog need to have consequences for not adequately securing their pet, especially since he can get into your yard when you/your family/your children and babies and other dogs are. I'm sorry you had such a scary experience, hopefully they'll be able to do something.



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