Dogs And Pregnancy

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mariah - October 21

I am just wondering if anyone else who is expecting who has a dog is having problems with the dog. I'm a few days over due so the baby is not even here yet and yesterday the dog pooped in the baby room and today he peed in there. He hasn't done that before na dthe baby's room has always been open. Do you think because it's so close he can sence that? I mean nothing so far has changed. We give him lots of attention. It's not like the baby is even here yet and he is doing it. Anyone else have this problem and if so what do you do about it? I would hate to give my dog away but I can't have him doing this in the house it's just gross.


Selena - October 21

So far our dogs(2) have been great but I do have one cat out of three that has started urinating on my stuff. It has become a real problem and even with a thorough vet check and the kitty equivalent to prosac the behavior continues. It is most likely a stress reaction but that doesn't change the fact that is unsanitary and a PITA to clean up. My kitty has an appointment with the vet on Monday to discuss the options but unfortunately he isn't very adoptable d/t many factors. IN my case humane euthanasia might be the only solution. If I was you I would put a bay gate up to keep your dog out of the room and see if that fixes the problem, if he decides to be naughty else where than you may have to explore differnt options such as adoption.


r - October 22

Your dog can sense that you're pregnant, in fact he probably knew before you did! It's probably just a nervous reaction to the upcoming event. My 2 dogs have been acting wierd for weeks now, and our cat is acting REALLY wierd. Give them time, after the baby comes, they'll get used to it. Just make sure you or your partener give them plenty o' attention after your little one arrives! Good luck!!


denise - October 22

i posted something similar on the 2nd trimester board. I have two dachshunds, one who is wonderful and the other gets me up every night to go pee. He is housebroken and used to sleep through the night. Since I've been pregnant he gets up every night. I think he's getting me ready for motherhood. They really do sense the changes. I love my dogs and I'll never get rid of mine and I hope everyone finds away to keep theirs as well.


Jennifer - October 23

I am having problems with my dog too, he has always been more attached to me than my husband, but I think he senses the baby, because he has totally pulled aways from me and now only prefers my husband. He has also started destroying things around the house, blankets, bedding and such. He has NEVER done this before. It really stresses me out. I keep thinking if he is doing this now, how bad will it get when the baby comes? Especially considering we will be trying to adjust to a new way of life and stressed as it is. I don't think I'll be able to cope with a dog problem too. I love him, but am thinking of giving him away. I know I would cry and feel so guilty though.


tracy - October 23

i have a dog & a cat and aside from the cat sneaking into the crib for naps, they've thankfully both been great. my dog DID know i was pregnant days before I did. she was very precious & careful with me, which my husband and i both noticed, then we did the test & voila, pregnant. Anyways, I've heard and read that dogs can also sense the onset of labour - since you're a few days overdue, you could go into labour at almost anytime. your hormones have changed, your scent probably has chaged these past few days too. maybe the dog doesn't know how to interepret these changes in you and he's expressing himself in these unfavourable ways. a friend suggested to me that once the baby is born, and i'm still in hospital, my husband should come home with a receiving blanket that the baby has used so our dog can smell the baby and have an idea of what to expect.



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