Dominic Michael Has Arrived

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buckeye74 - June 14

Hey all- Dominic was born on Monday, June 9th at 1:33pm. Here is my birth story: Sunday evening at about 11:30 at night my water broke. we went to the hospital. i was not having any contractions so they gave me pitocin to induce them. after 12 hours of pitocin, the contractions were strong but i had not dialated at all (well only to 1 cm). so they decided for the health of both me and baby to do a c section unfortunately. i was having a lot of blood mixed with the amniotic fluid and doctors were afraid of infection at this point. anyway both dominic and i are home from the hospital now (we got discharged yesterday). now we are just trying to figure out the whole br___tfeeding thing- not going well so far but trying to stay positive. hope you all are well. By the way, baby Dominic was 2 weeks early.


fefer1 - June 14

Congratulations Buckeye!!! I'm glad things went well and that you are both ok. Hang in there with the BF'ing, it's tough at first!


cors1wfe - June 14

Congrats buckeye - yes BF'ing is tough but hang in there is does get better....


gabby509 - June 14

Congrats Buckeye! I feel your pain with the bf'ing. As soon as I got it down to a science, I came down with mast_tis. So try not to get discouraged. I'm on antibiotics now and still bf'ing. You might want to try the nipple shields that they give out at the hospitals, they are very very helpful and prevent cracked and bleeding nipples.


kay101 - June 14

Hey mama! Congratulations! It's great to hear from you! How big was he? Sorry things didn't go quite as planned but at least the two of you are healthy. The soreness I promise will get better every day, just try to rest while he's still in that sleepy phase. Good luck with the b___stfeeding! Hope it gets easier for you.


buckeye74 - June 14

Thanks gals! Dominic was 7 lbs 4 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. oh and just this afternoon my milk FINALLY came in so b fing has been going significantly better since then. my baby is no longer screaming at me for not getting enough! hope you all are well!


kay101 - June 14

haha I bet that made all the difference! I forgot to mention with a c-section it would take longer so I bet it's been a huge relief and you can't wait now for him to get that stuff outta there LOL


disko love - June 14

hey buckeye! Congratulations! I'm so glad to hear that you and baby are doing well and adjusting to life at home. The wonderful journey of being a mommy begins. Enjoy it! :-)



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