Don T I Feel Like An Idiot

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Buffi R. - October 10

I just had to share this with you all, and hopefully I'll save someone else from looking as stupid as I did. :-) Monday afternoon at work, I noticed my belly got really firm like a braxton-hicks contraction, which is nothing new to me, but the firmness wouldn't go away. I also hadn't felt my baby move in awhile, and the tightness just didn't feel right. It lasted for 30 minutes before I called my OB, and she told me to go home, drink lots of fluids and lay down to see if the contraction would go away. For the entire drive home (about 20 minutes) it was the same way, and I could hardly even sit up to drive. As soon as I got home and laid down, my baby started moving and the contraction went away. The next morning (yesterday) I mentioned this to my OB doctor at my check up. She felt around my belly to check the baby's position and noticed that she was head down, facing my spine, with her rump squarely positioned at the front top of my uterus. She said she was almost in a pike position, like the way some children sleep on their faces with their legs tucked under them, butt in the air. She said most likely all I felt the day before was her butt trying to poke through my belly while she slept. :-) Now, in my defense, I had just come off a bad weekend of spotting and contractions. I also had a placental abruption with my first baby and one of the signs of that is a contraction that doesn't go away, so of course, I panicked and assumed the worst. But I sure did feel silly when I heard that the belly tightness wasn't from a contraction at all, but from my baby's rear end! :-)


Krissy25 - October 10

it's ok you didn't know and it's better to be safe than sorry, besides you got to leave work early


AntsWife - October 10

That's so funny. my little guy is always doing that. I recognized it for what it was though because he usually likes to kick around first before settling in. Like when you try and position your pillow before sleep. But, then again if I had the history you had I wouldn't have gone home but straight to the doctor's office. I'm a little wimpy like that :-) Glad to hear everything is ok!!


chickiepoo9 - October 10

i know just how you feel my baby moves alot all the time and yesterday by noon i hadnt felt anything so my doc sent me to the hospital for a NST and of course as soon as i got there she started doing backflips and was the whole test they must of thought i was a nut job for coming in i had the most active baby in the world i felt so dumb!


DaBonkElsMe - October 10

I am pretty sure this same exact thing happened to me the other day. I thought it was a BH contraction, but it seem to go on and on, with no crampy pain though. Usually my BH contractions have been accompanied by cramps. As I felt around more and more, I start to realize that the sides of my uterus felt a little softer while the top part was still hard as a rock. When my lo finally moved, I could see my whole belly move and I figured it had to be his b___t, sticking up! It only lasted about 10 minutes though, but it was weird, and I definitely thought contraction at first. Don't feel bad or stupid, as krissy said, better to be safe than sorry!!


HeavenisMine - October 10

That's so girl does that sometimes when I am walking or laying down, she keeps it there, and it is so uncomfortable eventually I just ma__sage it to see if she'll move it, she usually does.


January - October 10

My lo does that constantly as well and boy is it uncomfortable!! She seems to love the position though because she gets herself into that position at least once a day lol. I've recognized it for what it was cuz I can feel her getting into the position.. and I poke at her b___t if it gets too uncomfortable.. although it hardly ever budges her lol


Erins Mom - October 10

That's so cute - lol - I bet you were in embarra__sed, but you had more than enough reason to worry given the weekend you had!


evae777 - October 10

that is too cute! good thing everything is okay.



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