Dont Know What Car Seat To Buy Pls Help

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K8 - June 4

I am coming into my 35th week now and really need help with what type or brand of car seat to purchase, any ideas? thanks heaps


Nita_ - June 5

We ended up buying a travel system from Graco. It comes with an infant car seat and stroller. The car seat latches onto the stroller perfectly and once the baby grows out of the infant seat, need to buy a convertible(?) seat. What we liked about graco vs eddie bauer and other brands is that the car seat was very light and was very easy to be put into and out of the stroller. The stroller also collapses down with just one b___ton. We bought ours at babies-r-us for i think around 210$. Hope this helps!


Dia_ - June 5

We bought an evenflo travel system. The main reason we went with evenflo is because of the easy-carry handle they have. It is much more comfortable to carry than other ones. That is about the only main reason we went with evenflo over the other ones!


moucheka - June 5

I bought the Baby Trend Expedition LE which is a jogger stroller with a capsule attachment and base. We bought a second base for my car. Think firstly about your lifestyle - where I live it is really hot so the only time I will be out and about is in the park heading into winter which is why I got the jogging stroller. We also will regularly use two cars so it made more sense to get a seat that was easily transferable between cars. We will need to buy a toddler seat when they baby is about a year old. I really liked the convertible seat my sister has, it faces back up to one year then forward after that. It would be a pain to change between cars but she only uses one car so it's not a problem. She also never goes to the park so she got a stroller that has four small wheels and a second seat for a toddler that she uses at the supermarket.


Been There - June 5

K8, as long as they have good safety ratings, you can choose from the major brands like Graco, Evenflo, etc. What will help you past that point is deciding if you want the travel system or not. If so, which car seat and stroller do you like, because you'll need to find a system with the most features you like. Dia is right about the Evenflo handle, because it has a turn in the handle that makes it easier to carry the seat beside you. Some of the Graco systems have more choices in colors or patterns or the stroller options are better. The cost may also factor in.


K8 - June 5

thanks so much girls, i'm off to the shops today, its so hard not knowing what brands are good and what features i will need and your input really helped. thanks again


Jenn2 - June 6

I know the infant travel systems are good for right at first.....I have a graco. as far as convertable car set goes.....I did the research on which came back highest with safety tests, and unfortunately the most expensive out there (Britax) had the highest ratings. There are other ones that did pretty good (you can check consumer reports), but if it is within your budget and you want the best.....britax is the way to go.


K8 - June 7

ok so i just got home. i bought 'safe and sound royale retractor' It was $439 but has great head support and extra safety padding and 3 positions and can be used up to 18kg's so should be well worth the money. also 5yr waranty. Thanks for your help, it can all be very daunting at times. :)



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