Dr Appts Do U Get Ultrasounds

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anjapop - July 2

Hi there, I am new to this forum! I am due at the end of august & at my last dr. appt I asked my dr. if I would get any more ultrasounds....she said no, not unless there was something going on. I only had 2 in the beginning. I was just curious if any one else gets ultrasounds during their checkups? My dr. apts last like 5 minutes - basically she measures my tummy & listens to heartbeat - and bam we're done. Feels so rushed - is that normal these days?


bean - July 2

Absolutely normal. Unless there is reason for concern, there's no reason to see the baby on an u/s. You're lucky to have even gotten 2! Many doctors only do the one "big" one at 18-20 weeks. Around 36 to 38 weeks the dct may choose to do a quickie (3 second) ultrasound as a position check if s/he can't determine for sure that the baby is head down. If you go past your due date you may start getting stress tests, which is basically a fetal heart monitor strapped to your belly for 15-30 minutes to check the baby's heart rate. Other than that, yah, weight, blood pressure, pee on a stick, and a quick measure is all you get. Stinks to have to drive in weekly just for 5 minutes, doesn't it?


anjapop - July 2

thx bean! that makes me feel better.


Heather - July 2

Completely normal. My baby is measuring big so I am having u/s every visit to make sure there is still enough fluid for him. With my first pg though he didn't do that. I had one in the third trimester to measure how big he was. Most docs don't do them though unless something is concerning them. They are fast appts - the only time mine takes longer is if I have a list of questions.


mjvdec01 - July 2

It is normal. I had two ultrasounds in the office and then I paid for a 3D/4D ultrasound at a little past 28 weeks. As far as the rushed feeling of your appointments, that is normal too. Once you get to 36 weeks the OB will start taking more time with you and giving you more information. I always write down any questions, so when he does dash in and out I don't forget anything. I will be 37 weeks tomorrow.



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