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cblack - September 20

I have been having really strange dreams lately. I am 38 wks and 2 days along, and I know that I am having a baby boy, but almost everytime I dream of the baby and what he will look like, he is defenitely a GIRL and has a bow and dress on?!?! I am confused. Last night I dreamt that he was a girl then he morphed into a boy when I remembered that I couldnt have a girl because the doctor has told me boy MANY times! lol. I obviously dont believe in any way that I am having a girl, but is anyone else in the Extremely WEIRD dream phase? ;)


sarah21 - September 20

I've been having strange dreams since before I knew I was pregnant. My mom's dreams take the cake though... she once had a dream that she gave birth to a litter of kittens...


ESol - September 20

I have s_x dreams all the time. Since about the 5th month. I'm in the 8th month now.


LN - September 20

It must be a pregnant thing! Except I dream about giving birth, and my expereince with my first dd was so trumatic that my dreams are horrible. My dh wakes me up sometimes in the middle of the night because I am talking in my sleep and he realizes it is a nightmare! My fear of labor must be deeper than I think!


lil-miss-saunders - September 21

cblack i also have these dreams, accept the other way round. I am expecting a baby girl but always have dreams where i give birth to a boy. Its a little worrying because the hospital where i found out the s_x of my baby have been in the papers because recently they have got so many genders wrong. I have to go for another scan on tuesday though, due to me being smaller than average so hopefully they will put my mind at rest there. x


swollenangel - September 21

I have heard that when you dream of a certain s_x baby, then it usually means you carrying the opposite ... its proven true by a coupla people! and if it is really true and i've been dreaming of a girl, then (since i dont know for sure) it means that we having a boy! ... i dont think its anything to worry about tho! Apparently the preggie hormones affect your dreams... =)


corbin289 - September 21

With my first all my dreams were about having a baby girl and even when I knew I was having a boy my dreams were still about having a girl. Like Swollenangel said I did read somewhere that you dream about the opposite of what your having.


RooksWS6 - September 21

I have been going through the same thing. I'm 37w4d and have had several ultrasounds and every single one has said I am having a girl. Recently I have been having dreams that I was having a boy. it has kind of been freaking me out too. Everything I have been given and/or bought for this baby is girly!!!


WP - September 21

I love the dreams I get when pregnant. I haven't had any about the child, but they're always so vivid and easy to remember. Even the nightmares are fun because I find I can manipulate them to make them less frightening. I had always read about lucid dreaming, but never really believed you could do it...until I got pregnant.


HeavenisMine - September 21

We're having a girl and most all of my dreams she is a boy. It shakes me up a bit, I imagine having to go and tell everyone, "oh yeah, send the girl stuff back, it's a boy!" I am also tired of having nightmares..


afireinsideamanda - September 21

i dreamed madelyn would be a boy. i think its just something you do. i dont know why, but in my dream i was like, i remember distinctly saying, NO ALL HIS STUFF IS PINK! WHAT AM I GONNA DO!!!??


tryin44 - September 21

I have dreams where the I play with the baby through my skin her arms and sometimes whole body is like morphing under my skin. I have also taken her out and put her back because She was still hooked to the cord and not ready to be born. I have had the same type dreams with all foour pregnancies. I also delivered a litter of puppies and put them in the oven to keep them warm( i breed boston terrier dogs). With my first son I had dreams he was a girl all the time.


HeavenisMine - September 21

Anyone dreamt your baby's father was pregnant instead of you? Now that is just disturbing. Last night I dreamt I was talking to his growing belly, and mine was flat, our baby was inside her father. It was not right!!:(


KDR - September 21

I had a dream that I had a litter of puppies too. Then I had a dream my dog had half puppy half chicken babies. Then I started dreaming about my baby and always pictured a baby with a full head of hair and I had a 4d ultrasound and they could see hair on his head at 31wks. I used to dream he was a girl then I started having boy dreams and then at 20 wks found out it was in fact a boy. Pregnancy dreams are the weirdest.



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