Drink Water For Swelling

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Jbear - June 30

This isn't really a question. I went to the doctor today and I had gained 10 lbs in the past 2 weeks (not from overeating). My blood pressure had also risen. The doctor told me to prevent my body from retaining any more water, I need to drink 6 oz of water every hour that I'm awake. I just started it today, I don't know yet if it really helps, but I thought I would pass it along in case anyone else was having issues with swelling.


citrouille - June 30

thanks Jbear that is good to know. my feet and ankles have been swelling really badly. I'll try drinking tons of water and we'll see if that helps! are you swelling all over or just your feet and hands?


anne - June 30

jbear- you need to lay on your left side only when you lay down. drinking more water wont help unless you have swelling from excess salt. your kidneys are unable to keep up with draining fluids from your body - your doctor is terribly wronggggg. he gave you c___p advice that is intended for those who have excess sodium. sorry to be so blunt, but what he told you worries me.


citrouille - June 30

Anne, what do you think the causes are for swelling of ankles and feet? I have no kidney problems (was checked by blood test). I sleep on my left side and put my feet on a pillow but during the day my feet swell like crazy. It is actually rather painful. I haven't really experienced swelling elsewhere.


anne - June 30

cit- edema in the feet and ankles is perfectly normal during pregnancy. the blood pools quickly at the feet when you stand up. i know, its annoying, i sympathise! you needto put your feet up often during the day to relieve the pressure, use stockings for swelling, and try to take naps when you can. it will be over before you know it :)


Lynn - June 30

Jbear- what did the doctor say in relation to your past with high bp? How high was your bp this time? Did he increase your medication at all either? Keep us posted. You must be worried because of your history.


Jbear - June 30

Yes, he increased my medication, and also said I could plan on having my baby in August (due Sept 5). My blood pressure was 156/89. I called the nurse to ask about the sodium thing, and she said that when you're not drinking enough fluids, your body holds on to the water it has, and you end up with swelling.


Staci - June 30

I have had swolen ankles for weeks and have been told to drink a lot of water. apparently if you dont, your body can storehouse extra water thinking its needed for the pregnancy, so drinking a lot of it makes it flush out the old swelling. From what my dr said and the books I have say, it isnt that your kidneys cant keep up- the drinking water can only help.


nelly - June 30

To Jbear~ Did you have protein in your urine? or is your bp just elevating? See I have had preeclampsia before and my bp is elevating and I had sudden weight gain from swelling and my bp started at 90/50 and yesterday was 130/90 and I dont have protein in my urine I have had a terrible headache that was almost numbing to my right side and the doctors are not doing anything. They say its all normal. I would appreciate it if you could reply if possible. I can only get on the internet at work so I want be able to check back til Sunday.


Jbear - July 1

Nelly, I'm in the same situation as you...My bp was 120/70 at the start of this pregnancy, the highest it's been was 170/90, which is when they started me on blood pressure meds. The doctor I use has the patients test their urine themselves, and only show the nurse the test strip if it changes color. When I was there two weeks ago, the strip showed protein in my urine, but I showed the strip to the nurse and she said it wasn't enough to worry about. This week it was normal. I've had a blinding headache the last two days, I think it's withdrawal from the caffeine in the soda I usually drink, rather than preeclampsia. I'm a little worried, during my last pregnancy I used a high risk clinic and they had run all sorts of tests on me, by 28 weeks I was going for non-stress tests every week. This time I was hoping to have a more normal experience, so I decided to go to a regular doctor. The only tests they've done are the initial bloodwork, and a glucose tolerance test. I'm starting to wish I had used the clinic I used last time, but it feels like it's too late to change, also the clinic I used delivers at the county hospital, and I want to avoid that.


nelly - July 3

To JBEAR~ Thank you for replying. I am just really nervous about the whole thing because I had it with my first pregnancy and it went undetected til I gave birth they said everything that I was experiencing was normal and I ended up after giving birth in and out of the hospital for 3 weeks. The headaches that I am having and the red spots that I am breaking out in I only done this before when I had preeclampsia. I am 37 weeks and I know that it is normal to swell and I have done everything that the doctors told me to do to help it but nothing helps all I drink is water I cut out my salt and sugar nearly completely. The swelling does not come and go its constant everyday its not easing or going away. I am just so nervous of getting it again and it not being caught again. I dont want anything to happen to my baby and I want to be able to take care of her when she is born with my first daughter I was not allowed to take care of her at all til I was better which was nearly the first month of her life and it was awful. I had to stay in dark rooms with no tv and no visitors. I am just really nervous. Thanks again for everything. I hope you have a great pregnancy here on out.



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