Driving Myself Crazy Trying To Nest

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joely - April 18

Ok ladies....Im getting induced on tuesday and Im getting super nervous. Im a first time mother so you will understand my neurotic behavior. Not only do I have panic attacks that don't allow me to leave my house (Im really scared of labor) but Im also having dreadful headaches that won't go away. I am blowing my nose so much and there is clotting blood which my doctor says is normal and not to worry. Im trying so hard to get everything together but all I do is drive myself crazy.....sterilizing bottles, making sure car seat is correctly in the car ( which I had checked by an inspector and it still looks weird to me) washing clothes, making sure I have everything from the store. Every little thing is bugging me and I want to scream. My mother comes in from California on monday and my husband has been at work and he is so tired when he gets home that all I want to do is scream at him. Thank god I don't because he really doesn't deserve my att_tude. Instead I scream at myself which Im thinking isn't good for me or my baby. Please, please, please is there anyone out there who can relate? I just break down and cry. I wish I could have a glass of red wine to relax me but its hot and I only think it would make this headache worse than it is. I need someone to make me stop this madness!!!!!


xvkx - April 19

Aww, sweetie, you *are* supposed to be emotional towards the end, but not *this* bad... have you tried talking to your doctor about getting on an anti-depressent? There are quite a few now that are considered safe for pregnancy, and it would really help take the edge off things... you'll still be emotional, but you won't be so wound up. *hugs*


junebaby - April 19

I am the same way about cleaning and re-cleaning everything-sterilizing and whatnot-but there's prob no point on going on an anti-depressent when ur being induced tues-just keep telling yourself soon you're gonna have a baby!! I am the oppositte I am a first time mom and I CANT WAIT I am so sick of being prego that i welcome labor with open arms-it means ill b done and have my baby!! Try maybe taking a bath or reading maybe meditation(i dont know thats just what my doc told me) I get very worked up and angry and have a hard time calming down which is affecting my BP. The best thing is to just think about the reward you're getting from labor and these days there are many forms of pain releif (if u choose that) that labor shouldn't be too bad. Otherwise people would never do it more than once!! Good Luck Sweetheart and I'm so jealous u get to have ur baby Tues :)))


amanda17 - April 20

Hm, well I think it's very normal, especially for your first child. You're just overwhelmed, and you should be. I really don't think anti-depressants are necessary. I'm going through the same thing, just in a lesser degree. I still have 9 weeks to go so I'm sure I'll be doing the exact same things when it gets to be around that time. Good luck!!


joely - April 20

Thanks everyone. Im for sure not going on anti depressants. I just need to stop and rationalize things and get myself together. I have to wait till tuesday to get a phone call to tell me that they have a bed ready for me. I guess they can call at anytime which can kind of be stressful. If they don't call me then I guess I don't go????? Kind of confusing if you ask me. Im getting tonz of braxton hicks but they don't hurt at all. I hope I have an okay time of labor and the epidural works right. I can't wait till its over and I can hold my baby boy.


junebaby - April 20

Only 2 days left!!! No matter what-you're walking away with a baby lucky girl!! I'm sure it will go fine!!!



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