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KRISTINA - December 4

So for the last month or so I have had to pee like every 5 mintues. Understandable right. But for the past few days I have noticed a change. The need to pee is a lot more urgent and when I finally get there to go pee does come, but it comes out very slowly and it seems like there is a lot of pressure on my bladder. Could this be a sign of the baby dropping?


KRISTINA - December 4

No takers for my wonderful question?


Kira_lynn - December 4

I'm 34 weeks and i noticed that late at night when i have to pee it dribbles out and it feels like hes low. Im in the process of dropping i think, cause today im outta commission with this horrible sharp pain in my v____a (bottom of cervix) every so often. It does suck tho. But yeah very urgent when i have to pee and it just trickles and theres not much. How far are you??


wantanotheraftertr - December 4

Kristina I have had the same problem for awhile now. Dr. says he is still up high but I can deffinatly feel him low so who knows. I think the closer to our due date we retain more and feel the pressure sooner. there is lot of weight on our bladder now! good luck!


KRISTINA - December 4

I will be 33 weeks tomorrow. This is my second baby and I dont remeber this happening last time. Oh well.


sarah21 - December 4

It sounds like it could be a urinary tract infection. I would get it checked out just in case.


KRISTINA - December 5

I dont think its a urinary tract infection. I have had one before and it usually involves burning/stinging when you pee and feeling like you have to use the bathroom really bad and then when you do nothing comes out. What I feel now is completly different. It feels like pressure, like I actually have to push to make the pee come out and all it does is slowly trickle out, although its a normal amount of urine, it just takes a long time to get it all out. Sorry TMI.


mrstj - December 6

Kristina...I feel the same way. I'm a little over 36 weeks and sometimes I have to actually push on my bladder (around my pubic bone) to get the stream started...and it's like yours - very slow, unless I move all the way forward and then it streams...Strange..I've had several people tell me that my baby has dropped but the Dr. has mentioned anything. I do know his head is down...but that's it. But also, I've had 2 UTI and for both of them, it was different than when I wasn't PG. The burning wasn't there at all....just a ma__s frequency to pee, all the time (1st at 20 weeks and again at 30 weeks) How far along are you now??


KRISTINA - December 7

I am only 33 weeks. My baby is also in the head down possition. I have a doc appointment next wed. I am going to ask him if I have dropped. My mom thinks the baby is just sitting on my bladder. I really dont think its UTI because I dont pee more often than I used to, its just a little more urgent. I also find that walking makes me have to pee. :) If I am sitting down for awhile ( I have a desk job) I am fine, but as soon as I stand up and walk to the other side of the room I have to pee bad.


sunflowergoddess - December 7

I am the same way! I can be sitting in my office, and then when i stand up i'm like "YIKES, i have to go potty NOW" :)



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