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NEW HERE - February 24

This is my baby number 2 on the way, i havent had it confirmed but i think my baby has been engaged since week 32 of this pregnancy, im now approaching week 35. I have read about the baby dropping early first time round as early as i did this time but it says more likely your baby will drop when labour is due. Is something wrong with this baby dropping so early, and could labour be sooner then i am expecting. Above my pubic bone ust to be flat, and now its round like the baby is down there. Help or advice welcome.


kayleigh - February 24

hi i dunno if this is any help but my babys head has been in engaged since 32 weeks and im now 39 weeks. i hope thats some help to u


sara - June 20

i dont want to seem stupid here but im a first time mom2be and my baby has turned. im 36.5wks now. how will i know if my baby has become engaged?


Sa__sy - June 20

If you really want to know, make sure your hands are clean or use a glove and see if you can actually feel its head up inside you. If it is engaged, you will know for sure then.


Sara - June 20

Hi, I am in the same situation. I am 35 wks pregnant with my second child, but i felt lightening last week... I also thought that for second pregnancies, lightening only occurs right before or during labor. Does that mean there is a greater chance that we will go into labor early?


Shannon - June 24

I have the opposite problem...my baby isn't engaged and I am not dialated and I'm due tomorrow and a first time mom! I'm really afraid I won't go into labor on my own, as he has been in the same position for over a month without dropping!


miranda - June 24

Shannon - that's the way I was with my first as well. I ended up being induced because of preeclampsia but it did turn out that she was posterior, I have a feeling that is why she never came down into the pelvis until I was about to deliver her.


suzie - December 18

I have just reached 35 weeks with baby No.2 and had a midwife appt today and she told me baby is head well down and that I am probably not likely to engage until labor established. I have had all the signs of early labor but nothing happening yet!


To new here - December 19

I am in the same boat as you. With my first I dropped about a week early - totally normal. This time I'm 34 + weeks and baby has dropped I'm pretty sure. I can breathe again and I need to potty more even with less substance! Everything that I have read says that we usually don't drop second time around until labor starts. My bones are killing me as I can feel her in there! I unfortunately have no information for you as I don't go back to the dr until next week due to the holidays. I'm like you in wondering if this means labor could come early.


Chrissy - December 19

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so I will come back and hopefully answer some questions. I am at 35 weeks and my baby has dropped. I had period type cramps the end of my seventh month and again in my eighth month. Sleeping has been so tough. I was so tired but had to get up because my pelvic bones were aching. I have dull cramping right now, but at least I can breathe!!!! So I will ask my doctor tomorrow.


Emy - December 19

I don't know if I would stick my hands up there to check engagement like someone suggested. Sounds like it could risk infection. Even doctors don't like checking up there too often. Just a thought.


jaydin8906 - October 23

I'm 34 weekspregnant with my first child and I felt a really sharp pain for about an hour today , then my baby hasn't really kicked in the usual spot, it feels like he may have turned. Is it possible I may have felt lightening and engagement? The sharp pain was very severe, I thought I was dying and i cried. What's happening to me?


heathertl - October 23

I also experienced that today yes i would have to say your baby is engaging atleast i think mine is


alley24 - October 23

I would not check yourself, I was told in childbirth cla__ses NOT to do that you can break your bag of water, cause infection and only a doctor should do that. I am on my 4th and this baby is low to begin with and now hasbegan to drop i think he kicks and moves so hard I think he is coming out the half of the time.



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