Dropping And Pelvis Size

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mayaB - May 2

I'm 38 weeks along, and people have commented that my belly has changed shape, that it looks dropped! It makes me very glad. I was just wondering if this means that my pelvis is big enough for the baby. Does this mean that he can come out from there? (apart from the other reasons you might need a csection) Or does the fact that the baby dropped have nothing to do with pelvic size? I'm pet_te and the baby is huge so I had been worried about my pelvis been too small for him.


foxhoundsrgr8 - May 2

The fact that the baby has dropped has nothing to do with pelvis size, it happens to everyone, just at different times..The only way/time you'll find out whether you can deliver him naturally or will need a c-section is when you are actually in labor!


3babies - May 2

It can give an indication in some cases, where the baby stays high and doesnt engage into the pelvis, then usually the ob says that the pelvis is too small ... but you can also still have a baby that has dropped and engaged but the outlet isnt big enough to deliver them v____ally. Sorry ... doesnt tell you much I know! Just to rea__sure you, my friend who is under 5 foot and weighs about 45kg not pregnant has delivered 3 8lb boys without any trouble at all. She finds lying on her side to deliver good.


jessb - May 2

I never dropped. My baby was always very high. And I have a very small pelvis and had a difficult time v____ally delivering my daughter. She got stuck and had to be vacuumed out.


Daniella - May 3

Looking at a belly to say your baby dropped isn't a good indication... you really need your doctor to tell you what station the baby is in. If the baby is engaging, then that is a good sign. Yet, like foxhoudsrgr8 said.. you really don't know until you are in labor. The good news is, most woman do have a large enough pelvis to give birth. We were born for this job. Just so many doctors jump to c-section too fast and just say yours isn't big enough. There is also many exercises you can do to open that pelvis up. Like squatting or using a labor ball (just an exercise ball), etc. Also, what makes you think your baby is huge?? Just by your belly size, or what?? Cuz, until the baby is born, its really hard to say how big your baby is or even the size of your pelvis for delivery is. YOu also have to note that your pelvis actually opens up during labor. Your release hormones during the end of your pregnancy that makes it feel like you were on a horse all day, etc. that is just the hormone (progesterone) that helps open up your pelvis... plus during labor it opens up even more.. you may surprise yourself. :)


mayaB - May 3

Thank you for responding! I have a doctor's visit tomorrow so I'll make sure he tells me how far down the baby is, if it is at all. Though a week or so ago my belly changed shape, I still feel him pretty up high at times: therefore not very sure about what is happening. I have been having extreme pressure down there and had thought that was also a sign that the baby was making its' way down, but tomorrow I will have my doubts and concerns addressed. The baby size has been monitored by the doctor since day one. He gives me an u/s every month (every visit) and it has been fun to follow the baby's growth. Two months ago he was measuring 4 weeks ahead! but at my last visit his growth was starting to mellow down. He still will be a large baby, which is not a surprise since the history of male baby size in the family is not good.. (as in they come out enormous)


Daniella - May 3

mayaB- where abouts you from?? You have appointments every month?? Shouldn't you be having them once a week now?? Well, that is good that you have one tomorrow and can ask any questions or concerns you have. Make sure to write them down if needed, cuz a lot of times you may forget a question or 2 (well, I always do. LOL).. So, good luck with that!!! Are you going to have an internal exam done?? Have you yet?? That is the only way the doctor can tell what station the baby is in. At 38 weeks, it would be nice to hear that baby is at least -3 station. hehe. Also... whatever you do DONT believe the weight it says on the scan. I took radiographic anatomy and positioning in college and they aren't accurate. One woman was told that her baby was going to be a huge 10 lbs. baby, so they induced her and the baby was hardly 6 lbs. Another was told her baby was going to be almost 8 lbs. and the baby came out a huge 12 pound boy. So, you honestly just never know!! Yet anyhow... if your baby has dropped, that is a good sign though. So, I wish you the best of luck!!!


mayaB - May 3

Hi Daniella! I'm from Italy. No we havent yet gotten to weekly visits. To be exact the last one was three weeks ago though (not quite a month). At the last visit he told me he would help me on if I was dilated when I go in for my next visit. I 'm a__suming he means stripping. I'll find out!! Regarding internal exams, my doctor has been doing them at every visit!!! since the very first time I went at about 4-5 weeks. Early on I was having some contractions (walking too much) and I effaced a little then. (about 16 weeks) But my doctor doesnt tell me the percentage.. He just shows me on his hand. Since there hasnt been any change. I'm tightly sealed.. oh well. :) Regarding the weight, my doctor has a chart he goes by. He measures the various parts .. head circ_m. abdominal circ_m and places them on a chart. The chart is a standard it seems for pretty much all doctors it seems to me. It isnt accurate but it gives a very good idea of what the weight should be. Like with us humans, if for example you're 5'4.. the average weight should be X. It is an indication, pretty much the most precise there can be I guess. Where are you from Daniella?


Daniella - May 3

Yes, I know how they measure the fetus thru scan... even doing it that way, there still is no certainty. :) So, you never know! hehe... I can't believe you have an internal exam every visit... is that the norm. in your country?? I am from the U.S. born and raised... but, right now I live in Japan due to the military. So, I travel all over. They usually start internal exams in the US around 37-38 weeks. Since there really is no point at all having them any earlier.. well, after 12 weeks anyhow. Yea, you will probably get your membranes stripped. Its not too bad like some women say. I just had mine done yesterday and waiting to see if it works. All I feel is pretty crampy but no real contractions. I was also told I have a small pelvis, but I am doing many exercises to open the pelvic bones up. I do NOT want a c-section at all. Have you ever heard of the book, "INA MAY'S guide to CHILDBIRTH" by Ina May Gaskin?? If not, its a great book to look into. The midwife here at the hospital lent it out to me and it was real neat to read. Even though I have a doctor and not a midwife. Just some good information. Plus, it has a bunch of real labor stories. Anyhow.... when is your exact due date?? Let me know how the membrane stripping goes for you. Just so you know its almost like a normal exam but the dr. will go in further and it feels like a rough, tugging feeling. I'm not sure that he would do it if your not dilated at all. Usually your cervix has to be opened a little to go in to do this. Go in thinking that its going to be real painful, and you will see that it isn't that bad. I thought it was going to be so bad listening to some women and it wasn't at all. Good luck!!!


mayaB - May 3

Daniell.a I'm actually half japanese!! Where abouts are you? I go visit my family in Fukushima there. But my mom came to italy before having me.. long long story. Not sure if it is the norm to have internals all the time. I know that he checks to make sure the plug is there. In the beginning he would tell me how well it was growing. Then would rea__sure me as to its integrity. He would also check me early on for effacement. etc etc. I thought it was the norm till I found out on this forum that it usually is done only at the end. Regarding helping me on, my doctor said he'd do 'something' if I was 2 cm open. I've been walking around alot today in the hopes that I'm open enough for him to do whatever he can do to get my baby out!!!! :) my due date is 20th of May.


Jenn2 - May 3

I know for a fact it does not mean that in all cases b/c my friend delivered a 9lb baby, and she carried really high up until she went into labor.


Daniella - May 3

mayaB- I am near Yokohama. lol.. that is cool. I have lots of Japanese friends here. I am even learning to speak it. Forget trying to read it though! LOL... Anyhow, thats kinda odd that you have an internal just to see if you have your mucus plug or not. Having internals can actually make things worse down there since the doc is playing around with your cervix, etc. Yet, since you are only seen every month or 3 weeks, at least its not every week. Yea, also... having in internal exam doesn't tell you anything really. I lost my mucus plug at 32 weeks and been dilated since.. yet, I am probably going to be induced. Go figure!! So, it doesn't tell you anything. Although, I do hope that you show some signs of dilation on your coming up apt. and hopefully baby is starting to engage. Make sure you ask what station the baby is in (Obviously if head down)... Good luck!!!


mayaB - May 4

my doctor has ways that are different from US doctors, but he told me I'm effaced. (He doesnt give percentages. ) and I'm about 1 cm open. So it is all good! he touched the baby's head too!!!! so so glad.



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