Drug Testing While Pregnant

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1Sttimemomy - June 23

my friend is five months pregnant and she has been smoking weed during her pregnancy i have tried to get her to stop but she says she wants to but she can't .what should i do to convience her to quit ?does anybody know the affects of weed to a fetus?also does anyone know if your doctor drug test you while you are pregnant because she is scared they might find weed in her system and take her baby away when it is born ?she is young she is 17 ?i want to help her any advice.i don't think they will take her baby do you ?if they drug test her they have to tell her right .i know she loves her baby but she is being stupid .


amanda103 - June 23

I don't like to get preachy or judgemental, but if she doens't care enough about her unborn baby to stop smoking weed, then why should she care if they take her baby away? If you want to help her though, try calling a drug hotline, they would probably be the best at giving advice on how to help someone quit. Maybe you could find some pics of babies who were born whose mothers were drug abusers to show her what she is doing. Good luck, I hope your friend does the right thing.


Chrissythefairy - June 23

Im with amanda i think you should call a drug hotline also try doing your own research (like try googleing effects marijana on unborn babies) and give her whatever information you find. I dont think they give you a drug screen during pregnancy but she really should quit before she really hurts her baby.


mcatherine - June 24

Hey 1sttime - Some hospitals drug screen at birth - I'm not sure about LA (right?) but in some states they don't have to tell you if a) drug use is suspected or b) you admitted to drug use in your ob medical history. Despite what a lot of people believe, the effects of smoking marijuana during pregnancy are still unknown and unproven. What is proven, however, is that the smoke from the marijuana acts the same as cigarette smoke by crossing the placenta and depleting the baby's oxygen supply - and that can cause a lot of damage. Talk to your friend and talk to her every day about it. Marijuana is not physically addictive - so the only reason she can't quit is because she doesn't want to. There's a difference between can't and won't. Point that out to her. You're being a good friend. I hope she stops.


Mary - June 26

I've done lots of research on this as I've had a friend that was pretty much in the same situation and I was worried for her. There hasn't been any studies that have proven that marijuana alone affects the fetus. The studies that have been done, the mother has also smoked and drank occasionally as well. Cigarettes cause much more damage than marijuana because of all the other toxins in cigarettes than marijuana. It can make her baby smaller. I've researched this for HOURS. The doctors will drug screen at birth (and no they don't have to tell her). Just make sure she stops by 34 weeks to make sure its all out of her system. They CAN take her baby away for that. Mcatherine is very right. Make sure she isn't doing anything else. Drinking and smoking is alot worse than weed. Good luck and make sure she stops soon.


ThePezChick - June 27

From what I've read it can cause Attention Deficit Disorder and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder later in life. (Most often detected when a child enters school) It can also lead to lower birth weight, which comes with its own list of possible problems. While I don't judge anyone, I can say that not stopping is a matter of choice, not physical addiction. I'd adivse your friend not to have the stuff around. If it's not around you won't smoke it.


Kara H. - June 27

If she is only 17 and not mature enough to ask for help and get herself into a treatment program early in the pregnancy, she is probably not really ready to raise a child. It is much easier to care for a baby when it's inside you than when it comes out. If she can't handle the responsibility with the baby still inside her, she is not going to be able to cope with the responsibilities afterward. You should encourage her to either seek treatment now, or find family to possibly care for the child after its born so she get go get clean then. No one wants something of theirs going to someone else, but part of becoming a mommy is putting your childs needs before your own. If that envolves someone else carry for your child for a while, then so be it.


FedUp - June 27

Sadly, this is just another example of why teens should not be having babies, and the worst part is that it's the innocent children that pay the price. What a messed up world that we live in.


Mommy - June 27

UGH, FedUp I resent that comment. I'm a teen mom and I wouldn't even sit near anyone with a CIGARETTE, let alone weed. I still don't let people smoke around my kids. My mom, on the other hand, smoked weed when she was pregnant with me, my 11 year old sister and my 7 year old sister. She was 25 when she was pregnant with me, so she was far from a teen. I didn't even EAT the wrong things when I was pregnant, no fast food or fish or ANYTHING that could cause problems with my babies. Don't make such close-minded a__sumptions that teens are the only ones who do stupid things like that. My parents friends (who were in their mid 40's and early 50's) had their 3 little girls taken away because they were born addicted to Meth. So yes, what a messed up world we live in that a handful of dumba__s teens can make the wrong choices so all teen parents have to be judged on the same level. 1Sttimemomy , try to tell your friend that smoking weed or anything else almost doubles the risk of SIDS, asthma and allergies. Also, if someone was to report her for it DCFS would come and investigate, meaning if she got in any other trouble they could take her child that much faster. If she cares at all, she will not want her child to end up in the system. It's not good for the baby at all. The "Meth babies" I mentioned were all molested by their foster parents and have been moved to different homes 6 times in the past 2 years.


Angiconda - June 27

They will find THC in the babys system when the baby is born and it is possible they might bring a social worker into the picture and the baby could be take away. I only know this because it happened it my sisters friend however her baby never got taken away. Is your friend not worried about her babies health have to told her she is being extremly selfish? in my personal opinion and I dont mean to offend anyone at all but if she is not responsible enough to stop for the health and well being of her unborn child then she clearly is not ready to be a mother and care for a child. I hope for the babys sake everything is ok so the child does not have to pay the price I just think it is extremly sad for these poor children who never asked to be brought into this world. Good Luck with your friend I really hope you can talk some sense into her she is lucky to have a friend who is concerned for her and her baby.


Been There - June 27

When my first child was born, she was only 4 lbs at full-term. Very healthy otherwise, but literally skin over bones. I didn't have much of an appet_te. Anyway, immediately after I delivered (still in the delivery room), I was bombarded with questions about what I had done while I was pregnant. Fortunately my records showed that I had lost weight and, even when I finally gained some, I only had a net gain of 3 pounds my whole pregnancy. I honestly think they were about to call Social Services on me because they thought I had been up to other things. I'm also pretty sure they tested her blood behind my back for suspicious activity. So if your friend's baby comes out with problems, I'm sure they will start trying to rule out what happened and figure it out quickly. They may or may not test her, but they will probably test the baby if they see signs of a problem.


Abigail - June 29

Right On Mommy!!!!



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