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Melissa - August 8

i am 27 weeks pregnant and i just stopped smoking marijuana 1 week ago do anybody have any suggestion. will my baby come out messed up?


hi mel - August 8

probably not.


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T. - August 8

If the doctor hasn't told you anything looks wrong with your baby now, then it should be ok. Although, my cousin smoked marijuana while she was pregnant and she came out with a tumor on her neck and they didn't know she was going to have that. Technically, I guess you can say that we don't know it was because of the marijuana, but I'm willing to bet it was. Good for you for stopping though! You should think of the health of your baby first. Good luck!


T. - August 8

I mean her baby came out with a tumor!


J - August 8

I don't really know what to say...why did you wait so long to stop? There is no way to tell what effects the marijuana smoking will have on your unborn child. Does your doctor know this? If not, I would inform him/her asap. I imagine that there is nothing good that can come from your smoking. My personal opinion is that it's selfish to continue doing things that may cause harm of any kind to your unborn child. I had to work hard to even get pregnant, so when I hear about people doing things that we know can be dangerous to the baby, after they know they're pregnant, makes me sad. I hope everything works out for you, but I would definately talk to my dr. if I was you.


Amber M - August 8

Good chance it could! marijuana is just like cigarettes, your baby could have major breathing problems & brain development issues! Why would you keep on smoking when you know you are pregnant? That is pretty ignorant & selfish! Because of you your baby could be suffering for a long time! Glad you're finally quitting!


Soleil - August 8

I had a friend that smoked marijuana during her pregnancy and her baby's ears came out deformed, it had the hole so u can hear but no ear, just 2 wholes for hearing on the side of her head. Im glad you stopped but why did you wait this long? Does your doctor know about this? If I were you I would just talk to you doctor about this.


melissa - August 8

i am the one that asked the question: Have you ever heard of a addiction? i didn't smoke it like you would ciggs. and not everyday it really helped with nausea but most of all it was addicting and i did lay it down in the drop of a hat b/c i was worried and concerned for my child. and to "J" i am sorry that it upset you so. i have stopped and not going to do it again. i just wanted someone opinion on the matter and i am really close to my doctor to tell him. and i do realize it was selfish. my first child is a genius but i didn't smoke with her. thanks guy melissa


to melissa - August 8

have you ever heard of a crutch, you were psychologically addicted not physically. your baby will probably be fine, you should have the same concerns that you would have had you been a cigarette smoker, except your baby will not be born addicted to nicotine or anything else.


from melissa - August 8

alright there is something in mj called THC that is addicted don't tell me that i wasn't addicted to something and not know me or my symoptoms. you can be addicted to it that is why they have treatment. i was phycallogically addicted but most of all my body had to have it or i would have withdrawls i think that is called and ADDICTION so don't tell me that.


geez - August 8

OK melissa u seem like a BITCH, people are just giving their opinions and just trying to help.


L - August 8

I was a very heavy marijauna smoker before I became pregnant. I smoked almost everyday for years, but I was able to quit the moment I saw the positive pregnancy test. I don't believe marijauna is very addicting. I guess it could be, but I think that if you want to quit you can. And girl- if you could quit now @ 27 weeks and say that you won't do it again, why couldn't you just do that from the beginning? Makes no sense to me. But glad you are quitting- hope ur baby is ok.


Wanda from NM - August 8

I heard that babies who are born to mothers who smoked pot during pregnancy come out pale, and it makes sense. My friend was dark, the baby daddy dark, but the baby was pale, but otherwise fine and the rest of her kids were dark. That sounds silly to mention in light of how seriously people feel about this, but I just thought I would let you know what I heard. If you have had your 20 week ultrasound and everything looks ok, then don't worry, but don't smoke anymore either! Good luck to you.


c - August 8

My friend just had a baby and she smoked weed (heavily throughout her whole pregnancy) and her baby is fine...Im not saying that later on the baby might have learning disabilities or some other damage. Good Luck anyway.


to WANDA - August 9

Most babies come out pale and darken up later.


Wanda from NM - August 9

About my friend's pale baby, she is still very light, and is 6 years old. She is very smart, but looks nothing like her other sisters.



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