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sara - May 16

Did anyone use crystal meth during their pregnancy, if so, how often? how long? and did it seem to have an affect on your baby?


Lynn - May 17

I know someone who used crystal meth during the first couple of months. She ended up having an abortion. the doctor told her it was probably in the baby & her best interested. If you can't stop using while pregnant you won't be able to stop when you have the baby...you're not responsible enough to handle a pregnancy & baby. crystal meth is some really bad stuff & if youre on it right now you probably don't care what anyone else has to say but please don't do that to an innocent baby. you have a choice, your baby does not.


sara - May 17

Lynn thank you for your response. Fortunately I stopped when I found out I was pregnant at 5wks. If it were not for my baby I would probably still be using. His father still uses and that is why we are not together but I would rather give my child the life it deserves and drugs provide nothing but failure.


April - May 17

Sara... I would just like to say GOOD FOR YOU... you did a great thing by stopping and also getting away from the father who is still using. You're gonna be a good mom!


Lynn - May 18

Great job Sarah! I know how hard it can be to stop something like that & especially to distance yourself from the lifestyle altogether. But in the long run it's better for you and the baby. With you stopping at 5 weeks I doubt there has been any serious damage done to the baby. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.


sara - May 18

Thank you Lynn and April. Stopping the use was hard because of the depression and watching my ex use but leaving him was the hardest because I still love him. I've always wanted to be a mom though and that is more important to me than anything else in the world. Thank you for your support.


jenn - May 18

my mother used crystal meth and ome other drugs while pregnant with my sister. she used almost during the entire pregnancy but luckily my sister was born with no complications. she is now going to be 4 years onld on june 1st. she is the normal bratty four year old i would expect. unfortumatly my mother couldnt beat her addiction and left my sister when she was only seven months. so she will never really know her. i hope that you can stay clean to raise you baby. good job for waking up and making a good decision.


sara - May 19

Thank you for the support. I was so worried when I first found out I was pregnant that I would have a baby with physical or emotional problems caused by my use. And it was really hard to deal with because before I met my ex, I had a good life going and I ate healthy, didn't smoke, and worked out. It was weird to me that I would get pregnant at the worse time in my life when I didn't have a job, he didn't have a job, we were loosing our home, and the only money we had was from selling drugs or selling his property. But I realize now that this was the only way God could get me out of that mess and I am thankful he chose new life instead of ending mine. Thanks again for everyones support.


elisa - May 19

i saw a mother on special delivery:babies on the health channel and she used for like a couple weeks after she found out and then she stopped and started up again in her 2 nd month all the way to the 4 th month....she was crying becuse she felt guilty and when she had the baby the baby had no withdrawal symtoms...never get an abortion because you think that drugs might affect the baby...sometimes god gives you a 2 nd chance.i also had a homegirl who snorted after she found out she was pregnant and now the baby is 10 months old and is just beautiful and perfect.(she has no mental affectsor physical)if for some reason you begin to use again ...put yourself in rehab or go to a church like a christian or catholic(they usually have programs for pregnant women or drug users) and tell them your problem.they will help you out and if they dont try going to another church or talk to your family.good luck and congrats on becoming a new mom!!


tara - May 19

sara first of all good for you for stopping when you found out. And you are right - maybe getting pregnant is God's way of helping you get out of that life style and start fresh. I don't believe that love from a partner is all we need in life but strength and motivation is much more needed. Don’t get me wrong…we all need to be loved but it’s not the first thing on the priority list. Love between a mother and a child…that to me is worth more than anything else. About the drug issue here is what I know for a fact – not everyone is the same and some users have problems with their pregnancy and sometimes pregnancy is fine but the baby is effected after birth. Also in some cases the effects don’t show up ‘till the learning years. Also addiction is something that a child can pick up later in life – if one or both parents have an addictive personality chances are the child might also end up with an addictive personality. But as far as crystal meth and cocaine use in pregnancy one of the effects is that these 2 drugs separate the placenta from your uterus was and this can stop the baby’s growth and possibly lead to a miscarriage. Crystal meth is a drug that little of its effects are known on pregnant users and their babies. Like I said chances are the baby might turn out okay but it depends on the pregnant mom what kind of chances she is willing to take to play around with a life that she is responsible for.


sara - May 19

I'm not willing to put my baby at risk that is why I got out. I realize he may have some problems down the road but I think by stopping as soon as I found out, that saved him. I love my unborn son more than anything and I will do whatever it takes to keep him away from the c___ppy life I use to live.


ES - May 19

Good for you Sara. Its sounds like this child has helped you help him. I think fromwhat you have said the baby has a very good chance at a normal life and keep you head up high because you are a very strong woman. If you can get through this there is nothing you can't do. I know how hard it is to overcome things in life and while I have never experienced exactly what you are going through I too have had a wake up call thanks to my little girl. God bless!


Jill - May 19

My friend was a tweaker when sh efound out she was pregnant then sh equit and was very healthy her baby was a little premature with some health problems but he was only in the hospital for 2 weeks he is now 5 years old and is pretty healthy he is a lot slower then other kids his age but who knows what that could be from


sara - May 20

Jill, how far along was your friend when she found out she was pregnant? I know everybody is different and my son may or may not have complications from my use but like I said earlier, quiting so early was ( I hope) the key. I am 39wks and 4days so at least he's not premature. And I think the little guy wants to stay in longer than 40wks. I'll keep everyone posted.


sara - June 5

well, I had my baby on May 24 at 10:56pm. He weighed 7lbs 9oz and was 20 1/2 in. long. We induced labour and everything turned out fine. Brandon is perfectly healthy. Just thought I would let everyone who supported me know. Thanks again for the support.


mlisa402 - January 30

I am ashamed to say but I need to know what to do. I done some crystal meth during my first trimester and now I am worried I have damaged my fetus and am thinking of having a abortion next week. Do you think my fetus is damaged?


crystal74 - January 30

you don't know till after the birth and beyond. i know some crackheads who did meth during and their babies came out mentally challanged and then i know others who came out fine, well to be seen. and some came out with birth defects. i would talk to your dr. about it and stop using



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