Due 11 4 No Dialation

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Kelly K - November 1

I'm due Friday and still haven't dialated a bit. I've been 90% effaced for 3 weeks now. Just venting cause I'm miserable. I'm still working and tired of people asking if I'm still here. Well DUH!!!! I'm walkign down the hall and talking to you so obviously I'm still here...


kim j - November 1

i hear ya!! i have two due dates. the 7th and the 14th. i feel like i could pop any day. as of last thursday i was dialated to about a 1 and 50% effaced and at a -2. i go back in on thursday. i sooooo cant wait to get this over with. i have contractions constantly and always think this is the one but then they stop. we only have a few more days i hope so hang in there as much as you can, gl


Lesley - November 1

I was due 23rd October and I'm still not dilated. My cervix isn't even thinned out never mind anything else.


kimj - November 1

oooohhhhh im soooo sorry!!!! are they going to induce you or what?


Lesley - November 1

I am gettin took in to be set off on 7th November. That will be 15 days after my due date. I am going to see my midwife tomorrow and ask for an internal to see if it's thinned out at all. I have felt unwell all day, and just want him here :-(


Kelly K - November 1

Wow.. I'm really surprised that they are going to let you go 15 days over. My doc said 10 days at the max. I hope something has changed!! Keep us posted.


jo - November 1

I was due yesterday, am 1 cm dilated at last check, am being induced thurs. Still at work too, which is fine, but I'm also getting sick of people saying, you're still here! Also, the multiple calls every nite to see if i've had the kid. enough already.


Lesley - November 1

With my other children it was 10-14 days. I omved area and it's different here. I have never needed to be set off before so they think I won't need it this time. In all honesty I don't mind, althouh my head is done in and so is my body. There is only so much I can take, but I know I will have my baby at the end of it all and thats whats keeping me sane.


Kelly K - November 1

I know how you feel, jo.. I finally changed my voicemail to say, "No.. I'm not in labor".


Kelly K - November 2

It's now 2 days before my due date and still no change. I feel like I'm gonna be pregnant forever. The doc mentioned a c-section at my appointment today if induction doesn't work.


Ann - November 2

I just wanted to say I feel you too! I was due on 10-28 and haven't dialated at all. And the people saying "you're still here", they work in my office too, only they have been asking me since the first week of October! Hang in there:)


NAT - November 2

I understand how you are feeling, I have 6 days to go and so far I have been dialated 1cm for the last 4 weeks. It turns out that many women who have had babies before often are 1cm for a few months before anyway. So far my pregnancy has been pain free and I have felt normal ( no sickness) but now I want to feel like c___p I want to feel progress. My doctor was keen to induce me a 38 weeks but I managed to avoid it. So I hope my baby turns up before next weeks doctors visit.


CHRISTINE - November 3

i'm due Nov 4th too...but my dr. didn't do any internals...and they only let you go 8 days past your due date..maybe it's a canadian thing


lora - November 4

hang in there, my first baby girl was 12 days past due date . . . 3 days of labor . . . . but, when she finally came, it was awesome! I am glad I was not induced, she was the perfect size and very healthy. good luck


sian - November 5

Have faith!!!I was due 22nd oct, had internal on 21st which found i was dilated at all and midwife said labour was still a way off and will discuss induction at my next appt..well on the 23rd i went into labour all by myself and was only in labour for 2hrs 35mins.


sian - November 5

-im meant not dilated at all-


Kelly K - November 7

Welp.. I'm now 3 days late... still nothing :(



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