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KittyKat - April 29

Hi, I am 40 weeks pregnant today and I am seeing my midwife tomorrow and have been told by people I will be offered a membrane sweep. I suffer from panic attacks for a few years but for the last year or so I have managed to control them but recently I have been feeling like I can't control them as much as I can usually and wondered if anyone suffered from panic attacks and also do you think I should contact my midwife about this. She knows I suffer from them but has never really said much about them. We want our baby here safe and sound. Advice welcome. xxx


Kiersten - April 29

Hello, congrats on the impending birth of your little one! I think I would discuss your concerns with your midwife. That's what they're there for. As to membrane sweeps, you might NOT be offered one. As a general rule, midwives are all about letting your body do its thing in its own timing. I have two children, both were with midwives. I've also had a membrane sweep. With my firstborn we had to move less than two weeks after my due date (out of state)and I had a membrane sweep the day before my due date so I would have as much time to recover from the birth as possible before moving. With my daughter I wanted to let nature run its course and went four days over before she was born. In my experience my second delivery was SO much better. There was no intervention and I had a totally natural birth. It was awesome! The membrane sweep did put me into labor with ds, but that's still an intervention and started things off differently than if I'd been able to let it be. I handled the pain much better with my daughter's birth. All that rambling to say, call your midwife, share your concerns, ask about how long she'll "let" you go overdue before wanting to induce and what induction options you have. If I were you I would refuse a sweep if it's offered tomorrow and wait it out. My midwife didn't want me to go more than 2 weeks over, so we had a date set for induction if I ever made it that far. Odds are good that if you let your body go into labor on its own it won't be more than 2 weeks from now anyways. I know it's so, so hard to be patient and wait, but your labor will go LOADS smoother if you go into labor naturally. Good luck and I hope your baby doesn't make you wait too long! :) p.s. Yoga b___s and hot rice packs are AMAZING during labor!! Just bounce away with your hubby keeping the pack on the small of your back or wherever it hurts most. Also, taking a shower and "hosing off" your stomach can relieve the contractions up to a certain point. The key is to keep moving; laying down on a bed will make it harder! Good luck girl.


jac1019 - May 3

KittyKat, I have been suffering from panic attacks and seeing a therapist for for years. My best advice: visualize the situation before it occcurs and try plan what interventions will you take if a panic attack happens. Try to identify what triggers might set you off, and how you might cope with them. Breathing is a good way to get through anything that might seem to be or similar to a panic attack. In my experience, what I have found is that the best way with dealing with anxiety that consumes your body in the form of panic attacks is to be prepared and know what set of tools you are going to use to get through them. Does this skill work perfectly for me, no, but I have been meds. free for several years now and the attacks seem much less frequent and subside much more quickly. And, most importantly: communicate this to your midwife! This is a medical condition that she must need to know about with you. Even if you have already brought it up and she seems to have forgotten, bring it up again! Let her know that this is a serious condition for you and it needs to be addressed... you are already deeling with the anxiety of having anxiety (the story of my life!) Good luck!



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