Due Date Wrong 3 Weeks More Pregnant

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Lil_Mamma - June 29

Hey Guys!! So latley I have been getting regular pains in my lower abdomen as well as a little bit in my lower back... I was concerned because when I was going to the maternity clinic, they just seemed to brush me off and not answer my questions.... they would just mesure me and send me out the door :(...(By the way.. My clinic is saying that I am 28 weeks pregnant) Finally yesterday I went to see my regular doctor and he measured me at 32 weeks!!!.... the baby is also in Delivery possition with his little head sunk right down into my pelvis!... I knew I had felt a lot more pressure down there latley... and when he would roll over it would feel like a griding in between my hips... Could this be possible?! Could my ultrasound really be off?... The doctor sayed my baby was quite big and that I probably wouldnt go past the end of August... I know they cant predict exactly when you will have your baby.... But I really trust him!... What happens if I go past my New due date by a couple of weeks... will the hospital induce me? Has this ever happened to anyone? I am quite a bit bigger than all the other girls in my office that I thought were around the same due date... so it would make sense for me to be further along... Eeeek!


Olivene - June 29

Did you have an ultrasound early on? Usually the earliest one is themost accurate in terms of the due date. I'm measuring a couple/few weeks larger, too, but no one is talking about changing the due date. They're just a__suming I am having a large baby. Who will be delivering your baby? I'd find out what their induction policy is and tell them your concerns. Good luck!


Lil_Mamma - June 29

The problem was... I didnt know the date of my last period.. So i kinda just guessed.... The ultrasound was quite a bit later on, so im not sure how acurate that one would be!.... I think I might call the Clinic and find that out! thnx for your reply!


JESS1980 - June 29

HI Lil-Mamma! I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!!! Good to know I'm not alone. So, here's my situation, and I hope it helps you. Since the beginning of my pregnancy, I have ALWAYS believed that I was at least 2 weeks further along than my doctor said. My doctor based my due date (August 24) on the ultrasound and the date of my last period. But my doctor and I disagree about when my last period actually was. I believe got pregnant around the 10th of November. My period usually comes on the 21st of each month. It is ALWAYS on time and ALWAYS lasts five days. Well, in November, my period was 3 days late, and when it finally came, it only lasted 2 days. So, that was totally irregular for me.....and I've heard that's how a lot of women first suspect they're pregnant....by either missing or having an irregular period. So, I believe that "technically" I did NOT have a period in November. My doctor disagreed and said that I did. But even though I trust my doctor, I trust my body more. So, originally she set my due date as August 31. THEN, we had a u/s and she moved it to August 24...which is where it has stayed (but I still disagree with it). According to my doctor, I should now be 31 weeks, but at my last appt. 2 days ago, the baby was measuring 33 weeks!!!...which I think is correct!! Anyway, after the rest of the exam, my doctor told me that I was NOT having a big baby....she believed he was on track to be 6 or 7 pounds. So, she felt that I either had a lot of amniotic fluid OR the baby was further along. She didn't change my due date, but she told me that she honestly thought the baby could come as early as August 12 now. Hope that helps you! If you have any questions, just make another post here and I'll see if I can help! GOOD LUCK!!


Lil_Mamma - June 29

Thank you So much Jess!!! You definetly put my mind at ease!! I guess the one thing I am just worried about is going over term and not knowing it... or them inducing too early... But Im going to look into the induction policies!!... I just wish Doctors would listen when I was talking to them....!! If they would have I wouldnt be in this mess!


JESS1980 - June 29

I agree, lil-mamma! I find it funny that our doctor's don't listen to us. After all, I think I'M the expert when it comes to knowing my body and knowing when I conceived my baby! She wasn't there that night! :-) HA! Good luck again!


Been There - June 30

I don't mean to complicate things, but there are a few possibilities beyond incorrect due dates. I know because I've experienced both. With my first two children, I experience implantation bleeding, which is not a true period. It certainly seems like one at first. But like you Jess it ended too early and I knew something was wrong and took tests, both times. Both times it happened, I was positive. Now, with this baby, he is measuring 3 weeks larger than he has to be (in the 70% percentile for growth). This does not change his due date, he's just a big baby, just like Olivene's. Now, in your case, Lil_Mama, it could be just the baby is big. Having said that, if you've only had one u/s, that would make a difference. We're certain I'm on schedule, because I started with ultrasounds at 6 weeks and I had a very good idea of my last period. All the dates were right. In the end, if you're not sure about the date or concerned, ask them for another u/s before they make any decisions about induction, etc. You may not even have to worry about any of that and the baby will just come when ready. Good luck!


krc - June 30

JESS, if you think you conceived around nov.10th than your due date should be like mine almost. I know for a fact I conceived on nov.9th, my due date is aug. 2 and I am 35 weeks pregnant. My LMP was oct 26. Since you and your doc disagree I guess you wont know till you have that baby!!! If it comes early august than your predictions of when you conceived should be right. LIL Mamma, they can give you a very close to accurate date of conception if you have an ultrasound any time up to around 8-10 weeks I think. After that all babies grow at a different rate. They cannot give you a good conception date past your first trimester. As for you LMP, is it that you were so irregular you dont remember what month or do you know what month it was just know idea of where in that month? If you go past your new due date than it may have been a wrong date. I say let nature takes it's course and let the baby come when it's ready.


Tanna - July 2

Yeah Jess, I was thinking the same thing after reading your post. My last period was Nov. 21, and you say you always menstruate on the 21st of each month, which lead me to believe you were really basing your due date on Oct. period, not Nov. My due date is Aug. 28, and my last period was no doubt on Nov. 21, so your's would be like a month before mine...not just a couple of weeks.



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