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tish212 - November 2

no my dh sperm have a mortality rate of 2 days...we have had him tested several times (like I mentioned b4 it took us 5 years to get pregnant) so I know it was the 26th..I was ovulating that day and the day before...but not the next...I was testing nonstop because of my surgery... from my lmp its dec 17th...from u/s its dec 31st...so I'm stuck...


Happymommy - November 2

Okay--I'm going to try to give my two cents, not sure if I should b/c I am kind of confused, lol! You can google due date calculator and calculate your due date based on either your conception date or your lmp. LMP is not always accurate--usually is but not always. With my first two it was right to the exact day with the ultrasound, with this one I was a week further than I thought. Tish, if you go by your conception date it says your due date should be about Dec 17. But it is hard to know exactly when you conceived. Even though your husbands sperm has a mortality rate of 2 days, it is possible that one single sperm lived longer. That's all it takes to make a baby! Anathi--according to your conception date you're due Jan 1, according to your lmp Dec 17. I don't know where late January would come from according to the dates you gave?? Did the dr base your due date on an ultrasound? And if so, could you possibly be off on your dates?


mrssolo - November 2

The whole due date thing really confuses me. My last menstrual period was March 1 which would make me due 12/6/07, but according to the u/s for the first few months my due date has been 12/24. Since I'm having twins they are going to take them sometime in the next few weeks. so It really doesn't matter much. I think if you have doctors monitoring you it really doesn't matter what date you think is right they will deliver baby when the time is right regaurdless of your last menstral period. Honestly I think the earlier due is right for me based on the last menstral period because it seems we bd more accurately to these dates. But the babies measured right on track with the later date for the first few months. I just do what the dr. says and hopefully they will come before they rip through my stomach on their own.


Brendansmom - November 2

Tish, if you are absolutely certain that you ovulated on the 26th, I would go with the Dec 17th date. I know I ovulated on April 1st, 6 days after you, and my due date is Dec 23rd. Even if you ovulated a few days later than that you still would not have a due date at the end of Dec. Also, the date of my LMP is March 18th, so if yours is the 14th AND you ovulated before me you will be due before me. That baby should be here sooner rather than later!


DaBonkElsMe - November 2

Tish, don't freak out, due dates are just estimates, and any of us could have our babies a week or two before or after our due dates. If you are sure about your O date, then I would say your due date is earlier than you thought. Maybe your doctor thought you were telling him your LMP when you told him your date of conception. Sonograms can be off at any time. My SIL's due date was June 2nd, at her 20 week sosngram, they changed it to May 28, estimating by the baby's approx. size. The at the end they started saying closer to June again b/c the baby was small, but she ended up having the baby on May23 and she was nearly 10 lbs!! So it's hard to rely on what the doctors estimate from sonograms. Just be prepared, you may give birth earlier than you thought!


claire83 - November 3

my last period was the 25th january 07 my due date should have been yesterday but by ultrasound they estimated it at the 12th of november and also they will leave me alone for 14 days if i go over so that takes me to 26th november so i would feel ive been pregnant 11 months lol just thought i would add this as i thought it was funny


Anathi - November 5

Thanks ladies your advises were time in a million. I have made the research and it told me that I'm due Jan 1 and concived on the 10th April which I'm sure about since I was timing s_x and temping since I was targeting on conciving a baby boy which I still dont know hence my lo kept on hiding so am waiting for a suprise (which is cozing confusion with the baby colours for his clothes and nursery).Even pregnancy dot com says that I'm due Jan 1. My Dr has once told me to calculate from my conception day(10) until the ninth month but what was cozing so much confusion to me was the u/s dates. OMG thanks ladies so it means I have weeks within this board yet I was stuck on the 2 trimester board and thanks now I'm counting forward a bit Wow! So I'm counting down now till I see him /her ! No wonder I had problems with sleeping, I have nights where I just wake up to the lounge to watch TV and times for strong contrations and am feeling my baby's head above my pubic bone . So no beach this year : > (~*~*~*~* THANKS LDIES : > ) and lots of HUGS ~*~*~*~*



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