Due Dates All Over Again

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amya - January 30

Hi ya'll. I was just wondering what all of your due dates are. I was looking to see who's close to me... and talk about our experiences. This is my first child (it's a boy) and I am 32w5days. Hope to talk to some other march mama's.


sbyrd - January 30

This is my first also, its a girl. I am due Feb. 23rd, but will be induced on the 16th! Good Luck to you!


laura8 - January 30

this is my first...i was due yesterday and am going crazy!


lilnikki_0384 - January 30

I am due this Sunday- Feb 4th. I am having a girl, I can't wait!!! Chat with you later, Good luck to all!!


Tammy276 - January 30

I am 31w5d and am due March 29th.....can't wait!! Only 8 weeks left! This is our second (it's a girl!). We have a 2 yr old boy already and let me tell you it is exhausting chasing after a 2 yr old when your as big as a house.


mamagoose - January 30

I'm due January 31... tomorrow! Looks like it will still be a little while for me though.


kcastro - January 30

Hi Amya I am due Mar 9th this is my 4th and they say it's a girl.


DDT - January 30

I am due 18th Feb with my first...its a boy


amya - January 30

Nice to meet you all. I cant wait to hold my son... but at the same time I am scared to go through labor. I think he's going to be a BIG boy. I was 10lbs4oz and hubby was 9lbs9oz and at my 31 week U/S he was measuring 5 days ahead and 4lbs5oz. What do you all think, there's still 1.5 months to go.


Danielle26 - January 30

First of all, U/S weights can be up to 2 lbs off either way, ask some of the ladies on here who were convinced they were having 9 lb babies and came out with 7 lbs babies if that. Second, I'm 37 weeks exactly and am due Feb. 20th, though I'm getting induced sometime in my 39th week. Good luck to us all making it through these last few days and weeks!! lol


nounou159 - January 30

hi,i am this is my first baby and i am due March 8th,i asked my doctor yesterday what is the normal time for any woman to deliver and he says between week 37 and week 41so there is no choice except waiting....good luck all of u


candaceann1 - January 31

My due date is April 5. If I have to have a repeat C-Section,it is on March 29.


SistaC - January 31

I'm due on 20th Feb with a boy. It seems SOOOOO far away! Good luck to all :-)


d - January 31

March 29 and April 8. They still can't get it just right. LOL. Way I see it. April 2 - Full Moon... And we are expecting a boy and this is our first.


adprix - January 31

I am due to have my first (a little girl) on April 29th!


andy - January 31

hi everyone.. I´m due march 31 and can´t wait for my little girl to be here , she is my first ... next week we are having a u/s so hopefully we´ll know if she´s big or small... I sooo want to be a march mom but who knows maybe april...


Danielle26 - January 31

My Dr. changed my due date today from Feb. 20th to the 18th, and I'm definitely getting induced on the 12th!!



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