Due In Th Begaining Of March

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mrs.sarge - January 25

Hello ladies. I thought we had not long to go we could post or mood, feelings, and new symptons which will soon be early symptoms of labor.


mrs.sarge - January 25

(I ment to say post our) I'll go first. Im 34 weeks pregnant with a boy , will be 35 tomorrow. IM verry excited. I feel like i have so much to do. My back and pelvic are killing me. About a week or two ago i couldnt walk i was hurting so bad. Its hard for me to move in bed and i dont sleep verry good. Always waking up. I go to my next doctors apointment Feb. 1. Im getting the step b test done. Hopefully it will turn out good. Im praying im nat 1cm and will go two weeks early or at least on the due date March 2nd instead of two weeks late.


becky - January 25

hi,i am 34 weeks pregnant due march 5 with a girl ,Meadow Elizabeth.i have been hurting alot also mostly at night when i roll over or get up to walk. the past two days i will all of a sudden get really bad lower back pains and it will feel like period cramps at the same time . i have no idea what thats from.my doctors appt. is jan.30 and he is supposed to do a pelvic exam i also hope that i started to dilate.


Z.nina - January 25

i am very excited too, my due date is on 8 march and very anxious to give birth, i cannot deny that i am being moody these days but not as before,i hope that the moody days will be over especially that my due date is approaching.goodluck to you all


bec - January 25

I am also due march 8th! Cant wait. I find that it is hard to get up after sitting or laying for awhile. I go to the doctor tomorrow. 34 week appointment. Not sure what they will do.


jenni - January 25

Hello, i am 35 wks today, i am due march 1 and I am ready, I am ready to push this little man out of me, I am also feeling bad back and pelvic pains, I also get cramps but there are not regular so I figured that was DH, well ladys I wish you all the best!!!


mrs.sarge - January 25

Becky the cramps and back pain could be practice contractions. Some women hav it in the back. As far as i know i havent had any although ive had some stomach cramping. Z.nina the moody days aply to me all the time. The achs and pains and caring around all the extra weight will cause anyone to be moody. That was my madin name by the way "Moody". I wish my husband could carry a baby around for one day then he might not complain although lately hes been pretty understaning. We'll i hope to see all your updates and how all of your doctoctors visits go. God bless to you all


Ashley N - January 26

Ohhh, YAY! And early March posting!! I'm due March 1st! :) At first my due date was more the end of Feb, but then about 30 weeks my measurements started to match up with the March 1st u/s date. So here I am! My muchkin is head down, but facing to the right. It likes to brace itself against my ribs and wedge down in my pelvis, which HURTS! So I know I haven't dropped yet. My next appt is Feb 2nd and we are going to wait to find out if it's a boy or girl. It's our very first and we're sooo excited! I'm not very big at all though, I've only gained 22 lbs and me and dh are starting to worry that I'll not go till April or something! Ahhhh!!!! Great to meet ya'll! :)


Ashley N - January 26

Oh, becky!!! I love the name Meadow Elizabeth! How unique and beautiful!


Holly - January 26

I am also due March 8! Lots of us on here. I am getting very uncomfortable and cannot sleep at all. I get up every hour either having to pee, leg cramps, or I'm just so uncomfortable I can't sleep! I am having a boy and cannot wait until I get to meet him. Only 6 weeks to go!


becky - January 26

to ashley n. -thank you , i really like this name too . i think it is very pretty,i wasnt sure how people would react to it since it is different b/c i really dont think my mom likes it but i dont care b/c its not her choice.


Lindsay - January 26

Well here is another March 8th. That seems to be a popular date. I am 34 weeks now and have had a rough last few days. Been to the hospital twice already and I am on bedrest. I will tell you all I didn't see it happening this quick. This past Sunday, I pa__sed what seem to be my mucous plug and was having contractions on and off, mostly in my back but they were not regular. So I called my midwife just so that she would know what was going on and if by Tuesday I didn't feel any better, she would see me. Well Tuesday came and I was still in alot of pain so I saw her and she checked me for the first time and I was 1 cm dialated and thinned out. SO she sent me to the hospital and had me monitored. Well after being there most of the day and the contractions still just being on and off, they sent me home with strict bedrest to only get up to potty, shower and to eat at the table. Well last night, Wed, I started having back to back contractions at 11 along with a lot of pressure in my bottom like I had to have a bowel movement and by about 12:30 my contractions were every 5-7 minutes so I called and off to the hospital again. They checked me and still only 1 cm and thinned but having contractions. SO they monitored me all night and kept on checking me and no progress with the cervix so sent me home again to see how things go. SO that is where I am right now and they said that if they can just hold him off for about 2 weeks, we can go from there. But this little man seems so anxious to get here...


Kim - January 27

I'm 34 weeks pregnant with a girl Cloe Jewels. I am due March 7! (can't wait) I do have to say that the third trimester has been the best one so far. The first and second trimesters I had no energy what-so-ever. But like everyone else- I don't sleep for c___p. I am up so many times a night to go potty. Hope you are all feeling well.


Ashley N - January 27

becky, if our baby is a girl, we're going to name her Eden Nicole! And, even though we picked out this name months ago, we've kept it a secret - even though I love this name I figure it's better to suprise everyone with our choice! lol There seems to be a fair chance it is a girl, everyone has girls first on dh's side of the family, and this little one's hb is fast.....we'll just have to wait and see! :)


Rhonda - January 27

Hi, I am having a little girl and im due march 8th(Nooo just kidding)Im due march 15th.But i have to have another c-section b/c the doctor said it's to soon after having my previous c-section,11mos ago.I get heartburn so bad and nothing i take helps.My freakin back hurts so much(it feels like my back is broke)plus my b___bs ache more than anything.


brittany - January 27

i am due march 4. ive been to the dr once and i dilated about 1 cm and am at -2 station. i have to pee so much at night and throughout the day. its atleast every hour. my baby gets the hiccups atleast 2-3 times a day. i didn't even know my baby had dropped until i got this horrible pain like i had straddled something. it hurt to walk. so when i went to the dr they said he had dropped and i had dilated. i will be 35 weeks tomorrow. this is my first baby. its a boy. his name is going to be dylan matthew. my next dr visit is feb 2. i am hoping to have this baby in about 2-3 weeks cause i am miserable.


mizliz - January 27

Hi, I am due March 8th also!! I havent been sleeping very good and I have pains all over it seems and I am very very excited. It seems like its very near but at the same time seems like it will never get here. hehe .



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