Due May 19th Are You

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Tye - April 10

Just wondering how you all are doing out there phsically and mentally. If youv'e read some of my reacent posts you can tell I'm pretty stressed out these days and having a tough time. Although I'm physically ucomfortable-with me it's more the mental stress. Constantly angry or sad about something-stupid unimportant things like rude or ignorant people. Are you guys feeling the same? I am excited to see the baby- it's just so hard for me to focus on the bigger picture these days ya know?


LoriAnn2994 - April 10

Hi, My due date is May 17th. I am currently on bedrest. I am soooo frustrated. I took myself off bedrest today. My Md told me that she wants me to wait till 36 weeks then go but If I went into labor she would not stop me. I am just ready to get it over with and get life back. I have a 2 year old that needs me.


Tess - April 10

HI tye! Im due May 19th as well...our 1st child and were expecting a baby girl :D Right now Im HUGE! getting bigger n bigger every day....I can still feel her kicks (mostly at night though) During day I can feel her stretching bcoz my tummy would be in a different shape or something. I guess its normal to worry when you're pregnant.....I just hope the day would go faster...I wanna see her!


Tye - April 10

LoriAnn-I totally understand. I have three year old triplets and with them I was on bedrest starting at 22 wks. It was sooo boring. Hang in there-it will be so worth it-but I'm sure it's so hard having an older child that needs you. That would be hard. We are all getting there- it won't be long now. Tess-I'm expecting a girl too! What are you going to name her? Do you have any idea how big she is from an ultrasound?


Trina_ - April 11

Hi all. I'm due May 17th...and feeling very tired. I'm a teacher and looking forward to maternity leave no doubt. I've been holding a lot of fluid in my legs, ankles and feet and the doctor said if it doesn't get better soon she wants me on bedrest too. Anyone else having problems with fluid like this? By the way, we are having a girl too!!! :o)


Ba8y6irl - April 11

Hey All, I am due May 23rd with my first. She is busy stretching me to the brink of explosion! I find myself very uncomfortable at times, and I sometimes can't fix it. I can't get comfortable, and if I do I usually end up blocking my breathing... I get BH all day long at work, I can tell cuz I get a sharp rise in blood pressure, and it clouds my head... I just want to sleep all day! But alas 4 more weeks of work and I will be home... and soon enough holding my little girl in my arms :-)


fatinha - April 11

Hi, my due date is also May 19th. I´m currently on bedrest to see if the baby can hold off a couple more weeks. It´s a boring and frustrating because there are so many things that need to get done before the baby arrives. But I´m hanging in there because I know that its best for the baby. I just feel bad for my 5 year old, he´s only getting 25% of his mommy. But pretty soon he´ll have his baby brother and then mommy will be back at 100%.


maxsmom - April 11

Trina- I too have been experiencing tons of fluid in my ankles and hands. At first it was just if I was on my feet too long but now I wake up that way. Have heard it is from the temperature. I live in arizona whre it will be almost 90 today. I drink so much water but that definetly hasn't helped at all.


Tess - April 11

Tye- We've decided we are naming her Isabelle Lorraine. For me it sounds soooo feminine and were goin for that. I had an u/s when I was 32 wks and she weighs 4 lbs and 6 oz. My Dr. said right now she would gain atleast 1/2 a lb a wk so we'll see til my BIG DAY comes. What are you namin your girl?


kelly3 - April 11

Hello everyone, im 35 weeks now and am feeling really tired today. i also have 2 children of 4 and 20 months. I felt great yesterday but feel shattered. Its very frustrating because ive got so much to do and my little baby girl is due on 13th may. Still it is best to rest up i guess otherwise we will all have no energy for the big birth day.


Tye - April 11

Tess- We are going to name her Gwendolyn Elizabeth. She weighed 5lbs and 3 ozs two weeks ago. I wonder how big she'll get! I was a big baby and also my uterus has been pretty streched from my triplets so I wonder if she'll end up being real big. It would be kind of neat if she was born on May 19th because thats our wedding anniversary!



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