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geri - November 2

All of you who are due Nov 27th (give or take a day) who want to share where you are at with the pregnancy right now (and through out the next few weeks...) this is the site for you!! I would love to share the next few weeks with some other woman and find out what their doctors are saying and how they are doing...I will start..i am one cm dilated and my next appointment is Tuesday...Share where YOU are at and changes that are going on...my baby looks and sounds fine...my fourth girl (name will be Priscilla Marie)... My other kids are Faith Elizabeth (6), Ana Ruth (3) and Abigail Grace (2)...I have gained about 50pounds!! I will br___t feed to loose it...


Nat - November 2

Hi Geri, I am due on the 10th of november , I have 1 son already who is turning 7 on the 8th of november. I b___st fed him for 6 months but did not lose alot of weigh in fact I think I gained it last time. How did you go with the weight loss after your other children? Did you stick to a eating plan? or just eat what you normaly do. I have not put on too much extra this time, most of the weight on me has come on sice I gave up walking 10 weeks ago. I was 2cm dialated 2 weeks ago, I do not feel BH contractions at all, so I do not feel like I am progressing. My doctor is keen to induce me because I have a history of quick 1st stage labor. I would prefer to wait , I am not keen on taking drugs during labor. Hope all is well for you.


geri - November 2

i nursed and ate normally (just stayed away from sweets) and the weight came off pretty well..plus i walk every day after pregnancy..twice a day actually..i have a tred mill..a very good investment


kris A. - November 2

Hi Geri, I am due Nov 20 - no internal checks yet so dont know if effaced or dialated yet, baby's head is down - Tomorrow is my next apt. I am also pregnant with 4th girl (she'll be Wren Caroline) others are Chelsea (she'll be 15 on Nov 27 ) and the 13 year old twins Kellie and Katie... I have gained 21 pounds and feeling pretty good. It'll be fun to do the countdown with all of you! Here's to a happy countdown for all of us!


Christy - November 2

Hi, Geri. I am due 11/26 with a boy, Benjamin Steven. I have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy except that I have a blood clotting disorder for which I take baby aspirin and additional folic acid. I have an ultrasound and NST tomorrow (I get weekly NST's because of the clotting disorder) and am a little bummed because hubby can't make this appoinment. Oh, well. :( As for weight gain, I broke the 50 lb mark today. My doctors are not too concerned about it, and neither am I. Although, maybe I should ask for a treadmill for Christmas. We have long, cold winters where I live, so I won't be able to go outside for a walk until spring. :)


Raina - November 3

Hello all! I'm due Nov 24th & can't wait! I'm getting so impatient! Went to the docs the other day expecting an internal, but she said they don't do them unless I want one or am contracting. Although I'm really curious I couldn't bring myself to ask for one. My belly is sitting so low now & my back is killing me. It seems like I get a new pain with every week. Can only hope it means progress. Here's wishing you all much luck & some good nights sleep!


Audrey - November 3

Hi Ladies, I am due Nov 30, i haven't had and exam so i am not sure if i am dilated or not, this is my first baby, so all this is new to me.


geri - November 3

I had kidney stones last week and again last night!! Agh!! I can't believe this is happening..I am so tired...My only other problem has been placenta previa which has lifted over the last few weeks ..thank goodness...i hope the stones are all done...


Audrey - November 3

Geri, I hope all gets better for you, hang in there!!!!its almost over!!!


shari - November 3

Hi Geri.. I'm due Nov 26..very close to your date! I'm having a boy and his name will be Henry Baker Alan. My DR is closely monitoring his position cuz he keeps flipping from Breech to head down and back to breech again. My first boy was breech and they did an external version..something I'd rather NOT do again..so depending on whether he ends up heads or tails, I may be having a c-section. I have felt great throughout most of the pregnancy , but just at this last part, I am soooo uncomfortable. My hands swell up and fall asleep at night.(carpul tunnel) ..I have so much pressure on my bladder ALL THE TIME, then when I have to go it's only a drop or two..(it's drivin me bananas) and I've been living on a steady diet of Tums. Not sure you wanted to hear all the complaints, but that is what is going on with me at almost 38 weeks. I've gained about 30 lbs and plan to b___stfeed too....but I agree with Nat....the b___stfeeding didn't bring much weight loss with my first one, (Jackson). And HE was 2 weeks late..so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one will be closer to due date..so far, no action. I'll be interested to hear how it's going for you.


Stace - November 3

Hi Geri I'm due November 14 (10 days to go) and I can't wait. I feel as though I have been waiting forever to meet my first born who is a boy and we are naming Michael Stephen. I'm an Aussie and they wont check if I am dilating or effacing until I actually go into labor, which is a bummer as I would love to know how I am progressing. Anyway I hope all goes well for you and all the other ladies in this thread. Will keep you posted. Oh by the way I have put on 12 kilos I think that's around 26 pounds? Not positive though.


kim j - November 3

hi ladies!! i am due any day with our second boy. his name will be dayshaun our other little boy i salmost 7 and his name is davon. i went to the docs today i was about a 2 and 60% effaced. she did a membrane sweep so i hope that puts me into labor tonight. if not i go in again on monday to discuss inducing. im trying to get the energy to have a gla__s of wine and have s_x my midwife said that should also help get things going. good luck to all of you.


geri - November 4

the s_x i heard helps but i heard the wine actuallly slows down labor..doesn't it? anyone know? I drink lightly during pregnancy (My husband, my DR, and I are not concerned with ONE gla__s of wine with some pasta OR ONE beer with BBQ ribs..yum) but I have decided to back off because I heard that slows down contractions and labor...I need things that will speed this baby out!! My doctor actually told me that most "old wives tales" (castor oil, etc) bring on contractions but don't necessarily dilate you so it just makes things more uncomfortable but won't actually speed things up..is this true?


Raina - November 7

I don't really know, as this is my first baby, but from what I've been told a gla__s of wine can help you along just because it helps you to relax & you dialate much more easily if your muscles & everything down there aren't all tensed up. I've heard the same as you about castor oil. I too am sooooo ready to have this baby! I'm trying to walk a good bit every day, but I think no matter what you do, none of it will do any good until the baby is ready. I hate waiting! Take care!


Jen - November 7

Hey ladies! I am due 11/26. This is my first baby- his name will be Tristan. I have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy, thank God! I have gained about 26 lbs so far- I lost 1 pound at last weeks visit.I am hoping that b___stfeeding will help get the weight off! I am 1cm dialated...that's about all I know. I get an internal exam every week from now on, so hopefully I will continue to make progress. I have had a lot of BH contractions- they seem to be starting from the bottom and working upwards over the last few days- anyone else having this? I am also having the horrible sharp painson the inside near my cervix (I posted on this topic earlier). It really hurts!!! I think it is just the baby's head pushing down an a nerve. I feel really tired lately, and I have been feeling sick at my stomach the past few days- not much of an appet_te. Hope everyone is doing well!


shari - November 7

Hi Jen ..I'm 11/26 due date like you and also I cm dilated..but my dr says baby has not dropped at all. I'm at 38 weeks..does anyone really HAVE babies at 38 weeks? I know they SAY it can be anywhere between 38 - 40 weeks...but it always seems like it's more leaning toward 40. My 1st son was induced at 42 weeks..(uGH!) so I was hoping this one would be the opposite. Hi Geri..how is your progress coming along? The last time I wrote the DR thought baby had turned BACK to a breech position, but last ultrasound confirms he is still head down..(hurrah!) and just an ounce under 7 lbs. Woke up in the night feeling nauseas and acid reflux and SOOO ready for this to be over. Anyone heard of or tried hypno-birthing?


karlie - November 8

hello all, Im so glad there are a decent amount of ladies due during late November, well have fun sharing all our complaints while we wait out the next 3 weeks! I am due Nov. 27th too Geri!! My mood has shifted this last few days I've noticed though. Suddenly I am so overwhelmed with all the stuff that needs to be done in the house before I go into labor and my in-laws fly in, (Nov. 25th) But I have no energy or desire to do any of it. I am usually a very busy neat freak type of person, which I am always busy, but I get so tired and I just dont feel like doing house work, Im just trying to be as in tune to my body as possible because I want this to over soon, I am so anxious to get my little guy here. I have a drs apt Tuesday afternoon, (west coast time) so I will let you all know if I am progressing if doc does an internal. I had an apt. a little over two weeks ago and he did a Group B strep test and a quick ultrasound just to see if the head was down, (he's been breech off and on too...) which he is (head down)... but Doc didnt say anything, so Im a__suming I am all closed up and still thick, so we will see tomorrow if there is any change! To jen... I have some very painful feelings sometime too, where I actually have to stop walking and sit with my legs clenched to get any relief. The only way I can describe it is it feels like the baby is trying to put his fist through my urethra. The pain I feel is down there, but it feels like it is my urinary tract or something. It may be an infection or like you said just pressure on a nerve. Im going to say something to the Doc tomorrow, its been happening for a couple weeks now, not all the time but it only happens when Im walking for about 20 minutes or more. Ok, by the way, this is our first baby, and Its a boy, we arent positive on the name, but Gavin is our top runner right now, we'll see! Ask me anything guys, I love being pregnant and reading about all of you and sharing what Im going through! Talk to you all soon!



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