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erica - May 11

Hello again! I am glad to hear we are all along the same track pretty much! My hips also hurt due to sleeping on my sides..I am not sleeping very well lately....and I freak when I find myself flat on my back...then of course, I wait to see if I can feel the baby move to be sure he/she is ok....I am paranoid I know! I havent had too many other pains though...I have RH- blood, so I had to have the rhogam shot yesterday at my appt. the hearrate was still good at 156...I like that! Anyone else with negative blood?


Mimi - May 11

Erica i am glad to hear that I am not the only paranoid.But for sure I am the biggest... Do any of you girls have done any internal exams/cervix check so far?


jenn - May 11

to mimi- im on bed rest due to low amniotic fluid. i have about 2cm when i should have about 20cm. so the dr put me on bed rest to hopefully build up the fluid. ive also gotten steriod shots to try to build uo the babys lung tissue


jenn - May 11

to erica- my blood is rh negative as well. thew only time that ive had the rohgam so far was after i had an amnio done. what did you need it for??


erica - May 11

Jenn- They routinely give the rhogam shot at around 28 weeks ( I am 27)...because between now and the end is the time we are more likely to have some of our blood mix with our babyies ( this is when we would need this shot if this was to happen). So, as preventative, they routinely give it at this time However, if you had amnio done they may consider that your shot during this time instead of giving you an additional one. I think I read somewhere that it last for up to 3 months...then we will get another one AFTER the baby is born if the blood type is different...at least , this is my understanding..... The Rhogam shot hurt, didnt it?!


tara - May 11

My doc has not talked to me about this Rhogam shot thing at all. I'm 27 weeks now and I won't see her for another 4 weeks to come. Can this be done after the 30th week?


tara - May 11

Jenn - how long are you on bedrest for? My friend had the same thing and she was to stay on bed rest for 3 weeks with a nurse coming to visit her every 2days. I hope you are doing fine - we are here for you if you need us ;o)


ashley - May 11

ur due on my birthday


Mimi - May 12

Girls did you have nay internal/v____al exams? te check for cervix/dilation? If yes share experience. At my last appointement doctor sad that my cervix is doftening but I am not dilated...


tara - May 12

no, i havn't had one yet. I think those will start after 30 weeks - although I'm not certain.


nm - May 12

I haven't had any exams yet either.


jenn - May 12

tara- sorry it tooks so long to respond but the site was acting up on me all day yesterday. to answer your question im on bedrest until my due date on aug 10th. i went to the dr today and they determined through ultrasound that the baby is a month behind in growth. they want me to start thinking about birthing options if things start to go wrong. the dr tolf me that he recommends that whatever happens i dont do a c-section. he fells that it basically isnt worth it because they feel that the baby wont make it. im really scared, but i cant believe them. i have to know that my little girl will make it. i really appreciate you offering to be there because believe me i need it. im trying so hard to stay positive. hope to hear from you soon.


erica - May 13

Jenn- How can they tell if you have low amniotic fluid or if your is building up like they want? I will be thinking of you! I dont understand why C section wouldnt be possible though? Babies born premature at this time can make it with intensive care these days..... I will be praying for you and your baby!


Mimi - May 13

To Jenn: Jenn try to be optimist! I am sure you will make it till the end. I know many pregnant woman having kind of problems and still they brought healthy babies. At the end I don't know pregnancy that ended without any problem. Everyone is having kind of problem....Keep us informed


tara - May 13

Hi jenn - I was praying that your fluid was building up just fine! But lik erica I don't undertsand why a c-section is not recomended becuase from what I have heard a c-section is safest for the baby. Although this is my first pregnancy and I don't really know all that much. Do you feel comfortable with your dr? if not, then it might be worth seeing someone else just for a second opinion. My thoughts are with you and keep us posted as to how things are moving along. BTW, are you on a specific amount of fluid intake?


jenn - May 14

thank you guys for responding. to answer some questions they measure the fluid through ultrasound. i went in at about 20 weeks and they couldnt take acurate measurments of the baby. thats when they told me that there was little to no fluid in the sac. then the preceeded to tell me all the reasons that the baby wont live and why i should terminate. i refused. i mean how can i even think to play god with my child? i told the dr that i was going to cont. with the pregnancy and let god decide my fait. so hear i am now 7 weeks later and they are telling me that her growth is depleeting and that they cant take her eatly through c- section because her lungs have a good chance of being under developed. so the dr told me the longer that she stays in me the better her chance of survival. i feel very comfortable with my dr. he is very good and openminded. i was afraid that he wouldnt support my decision to cont with my pregnancy but he really has been the best.



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