Due On August 12th Discomforts Complaints

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jenn - May 14

thank you guys for responding. to answer some questions they measure the fluid through ultrasound. i went in at about 20 weeks and they couldnt take acurate measurments of the baby. thats when they told me that there was little to no fluid in the sac. then the preceeded to tell me all the reasons that the baby wont live and why i should terminate. i refused. i mean how can i even think to play god with my child? i told the dr that i was going to cont. with the pregnancy and let god decide my fait. so hear i am now 7 weeks later and they are telling me that her growth is depleeting and that they cant take her eatly through c- section because her lungs have a good chance of being under developed. so the dr told me the longer that she stays in me the better her chance of survival. i feel very comfortable with my dr. he is very good and openminded. i was afraid that he wouldnt support my decision to cont with my pregnancy but he really has been the best.


Mimi - May 14

To Jenn: I appreciate your decision! We cannot play God's. Please, continue with your believes and at the end God will bring the best decision for you and baby. we will keep in touch. In meantime , of course you know this, drink drink drink plenty of waters....


jenn - May 15

thanks. its really hard to hear all the things that they come up with but i know in my heart that im doing the right thing. i drink enough fluid that i feel like a fish. lol.


tara - May 17

Hi Jenn, you just have to be comfortable with your decision and God will help you along the way. You are obviously a strong person and can I wish you and the baby all the best ;o) You never know when things can take a turn for the better and that's what I'm hoping for you.


jenn - May 18

thanks. i will keep you guys updated.


Krista - May 20

I'm due Aug 6th and I feel fine. Yesterday at my Dr. visit the Dr, said I need an ultrasound in 3 weeks because the baby looks too big. The Dr, said the baby may have diabetis. I have gained 20 lbs and look small. This is my 3rd preganancy. Has anyone else been asked to have another ultra sound like my situation?


Sara - May 24

The doctors tell me that I am 26 weeks and I am due Aug 27th, i am having a girl.. does anyone else have the same due date?


m.pyron - June 29

2nd child and i'm due aug 14--no problems--this one is easy--i remember it being much harder with first child


Aimee - July 1

I'm due August 17th and i'm having the same pressure... it comes and goes but gets really uncomfortable when im on my feet



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