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becka326 - February 15

I am just sick of complaining about how I feel to people who dont get it and say stupid things to you that they believe will make you feel better. If you are one of those people or not due- please don't say anything.


DDT - February 16

Well, I just love this...haha. I guess I'll start the venting off....I am 2 days away from my EDD. My back is KILLING me today!!! I have SO much pressure coming from my b___t I feel like I have to poo all the time. Baby is pushing down all the time...but no contractions not even any BH's. At my last appointment on Tues my cervix was ripe and baby at -2 station...no dilation. I can't sleep very well because I am continually having to switch sides because my hips hurt SO much. I am continously peeing....I'm beginning to hate my bathroom!! Okay (lol) that was my vent for the day. I am sure I will be back...


dot - February 16

hope you wont take me as one of those stupid people - DDT - with that pressure and poo story - I had that with my previous ds and he came 2 days later!! hope that cheers you up at least!!


missycc4 - February 16

Well I'm due the 24th and I'm soooo tired of being pregnant. My husband is tired of hearing me everyday complain about all the presures I fill in my pelvis and the fill of having to go poop. I can't sleep. Wednesday I was contracting every 4 to 6 min for hours but never got any stronger then just stopped. I fill like I live in the bathroom, my hips hurts and I'm moody and I take it out on my kids and I hate that. I just want this to be over and everything that still needs to get done be4 the baby gets here and I feel like I have NO help. The only time I get help is when I get mad then everyone helps me. I hate when people say your not pregnant forever or your almost there. I have a Dr. appt Monday so I hope all the contraction I had Wednesday did something. If not I'm going ot be sooo upset. the baby is over 6 pounds maybe even close to 7. I feel soooo heavy. I just want to cry.


tysonsbaby - February 16

i am having the same problems as youmissycc4. i cna't sleep at night because i get woken up from sharp shooting pain in my back and hip. during the day i get false contractions, which I have been getting for a week now. they get stronger then they go away. i wish it was over with. they tell me i am having a very big baby, and i am scared when i wake up another day pregnant. i really want it to be over. the baby is getting so heavy, when i tell my husband i am hurting he says oh it 's ok, well easy for him to say he can not feel what i am feeling. well that my vent for today but i am sure i will be back!!


JustMe - February 16

I'm not far enough along to be able to vent with you ladies, but in my own mind, I'm ready to explode.. I'm 32 weeks and 5 days, and i just want him OUT!!! My feet hurt, im swollen, or as people like to tell me "im puffy"... I feel like im going to tip over forward, because it looks as if ive just swollowed 2 basketb___s! You can't even tell im prego from behind... Hes constantly using my bladder as a dance studio in there, and I've had a UTI for 4 weeks now. I've been on 4 different antibiotics and nothing will kick it. I've been going to the dr. every other week, and im just getting really tired and sick of this. I dont wanna get dressed to come to work, and lets face it, im in the medical profession, i wear scrubs 3 days of the week, besides when i see appts.!! To make matters worse, I work in a Childrens Hospital... You would think this wouldn't be getting to me. But when i walk in a room and my patients have something to say about my big belly, i just wanna vomit. Okay, I will quit now... But, one last thing.... Did you know that in the 3rd trimester you no longer get REM sleep!! ughhhh...


ashleyb0827 - February 16

Here's what my fiance says to me all the time when I complain about something "well ... the doctor said that was going to happen" or "i think that's just normal" ... and I'm going "i don't CARE if it's normal or if it's supposed to happen it SUUUCKS!!!!!!" ... LOL. it's like ... no words of encouragment or sympathy ... gets me heated up!


becka326 - February 16

Hello ladies!! Im glad I found people who now get it. I'm the one who posted this topic because I am miserable! I have all that horrible hip pain too, and my husband now just says "I know you are honey" or "I know honey" after every complaint. I hate leave my house because every stranger and their grandma trys touching me and asks me a million questions. I've had people talk to me as I'm following my hubby through Blockbuster while Im on my cell (answering the same questions they are trying to ask for family members) LITERALLY they are interrupting me on the phone!!! My husband just goes every where with me now and answers all the questions. Once ppl get I wont talk to them at all they shut up. And strangers give some weird advice that you dont need. God, when the baby is here they'll just try to touch him with their icky unwashed hands. Ugh- i also deal with my p.i.t.a mother in law calling 2x a day since my 351/2 wk asking "Anything yet?" I want to shoot her. i am a week past my due date. And I no longer answer my phone except for my mom, dad, aunt, and husband. They dont ask me anything. I love them. But youd think if people havent heard anything- I'm obviously not a mom yet. The whole world will know when that happens! Im glad youre all excited...but its just driving me nuts. Ive also had contractions now for 2 weeks that get stronger and stop. Ive had my membranes sweeped 2x. Last I knew I was a loose 2cm and 50 effaced. I feel the baby dig his head down when I walk and I usually jump out of my skin, it hurts. I lost my mucus plug a week ago, have loose stools...and get false labor like every 3 days. Its so horrible.


chriss - February 16

HA! You ladies are so funny!! Allow me to vent, although, I really shouldn't because I've had a fairly good pregnancy so far, BUT I am 37 wks and can't sleep anymore, I have to role out of bed to go to the bathroom 3 times a night and the rest of the time baby is disco dancing in there and keeping me awake. I have been having really strong BH contractions lately, I've had BH since about 20 wks, but they are getting worse. I can't eat a good meal without feeling like I have to throw up because I am so full. My belly feels like it is going to explode and if I tell anyone this they say, but you only look about 6 months pregnant! Like that makes you feel better! and let's not even talk about the s_x! or lack there of!! dh somehow believes that baby will know what we are doing or that we will hurt the baby, so I don't see this in my immediate future!


becka326 - February 16



becka326 - February 16

My dh soon got over that fear when I took out an anatomy book. LoL. he realized the baby cant feel it. But I was laid off s_x at 34 wks by the dr. and when we were allowed to resume, the baby is so big it's in the way....no matter how we try. It sucks. We have to wait like 6 wks after they're here before its ok again


missycc4 - February 16

Hello again, to what becka326 about s_x, mine won't even go to bed with me. I've asked a number of times but still nothing. I feel that if he did I just might go into labor but still he won't go to bed with be. any Ideas that might make him change his mind and to vent about the fact that I have a really hard time breathing.


becka326 - February 16

missy...How long has he avoided s_x? This sounds bad, but I kept catching my husband masturbating to avoid s_xual contact with me, So now when he's home I'm everywhere he is. I did a bit of forcing him to have to accept s_x. He did this to me- by doing it with me you know? And I did show him the anatomy book. i think they get weirded out and maybe a bit turned off. We look completely different and we cant do it how we used to- its limited... maybe he's just having an emtionally hard time. Ask him whats going on...and dont be angry and judgemental. I had to also ask what the problem was with my husband. ( I havent had a prob breathing- but Im sure it doesnt feel good)


Kristin11 - February 16

Hey ladies i hate to complain since i am a little bit away from my due date. I am almost 32 weeks. I work full time and have a three year old. I am so tired and cranky and moody. I feel like i spend more time in the bathroom at night then i do in the bed. Urgh i am ready for it to be over, you would think with this being my second child that it would be easier, not!! lol You ladies are complaining about no s_x?? I wish my hubby would back off a bit, i am so tired and not in the mood yet i feel like he is a teenager all over again. When i finally do consent i feel like we are having s_x with a watermelon glued between us, it is so ackward.


amyjo - February 16

I'll be 38 weeks Monday, and I am miserable. It seems like all I do is complain. DH doesn't even comment anymore when I complain, he just gives me a look..lol. At least he can tune out what I say, I can't tune out all the pain I am in........ and the s_x thing - we haven't had any s_x since we found out I was pregnant in July! Maybe if he gave me a little I wouldn't be so grouchy....LMAO. He thinks he's going to hurt the baby somehow (which we both know different) and he feels like he is violating him somehow.................but with all the pain and pressure I feel down there s_x seems more painful than fun. I'm going to quit now, I could go on forever.... good luck ladies!


crystal74 - February 16

i am 38 weeks with my first, my stomach is measuring 47", my dr. told me that the ultrasound says my baby will be at least a 10 pounder but she's going to let me go full term, my skin itches so bad that i think i'm going to itch it right off. i'm sick of it. i cannot sleep. thank god my work put me on maternity leave so i can at least try to take naps during the day because i can't sleep at night. i get a lot of cramps and get excited thinking i'm in labor and then it goes away. i cry because i'm so miserable and my legs are so restless. i can't wait to finally look into my baby's eyes.


xoxticiaxox - February 16

again, Im one whos not quite due...but very overdue in the comaplining department! I am 32 weeks and Im literally about to bust! I cant sleep, and havent been able to for about a month now, a few nights ago when I finalyl was able to sleep...I got a severe leg cramp and it still hurts...Im still working and by the time I finish my breakfast I feel like Im going to vomit...I cant work without dying...I can barley walk anymore because of the pain in my back and tail bone...and I cant eat or drink, without feeling sick! My head is pounding constantly, and while Im going through all of this, my hubby is out there having fun with his buddies ALLLL THE TIME!!! How frustrating...He can go to bed at 3 am and sleep untill his little heart desires, eat whatever and whenever he wants...and I have to sleep when I can, work in the day...and feel like c___p when I acctually have time to hang with freinds! This baby needs to come out soon...or Im going to die...I swear!



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