Due Sept 21

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brittany - August 21

just curious if anyone is due around Sept 21. Thats when i get my little girl. only a few weeks left i'm so excited and ready. if anyones in the same boat let me know.


erica - August 21

im due exactly sept 21 for my little boy:) im getting so anxious. I want this pregnancy over with!! R U feeling the same? love to talk.. erica


brittany - August 21

oh yea i'm more than ready to be done. Ready to be able to hold my little girl and ready to have my old body back and have it all to myself again. is this your first erica?


Sindel - August 21

I am due on the 20th and expecting a boy =) The pregnancy has gone by so fast that I can hardly believe that in a few weeks there will be a baby here. Do you guys plan to b___st feed or bottle feed? I cant wait until I have my body back too. I am planning to b___st feed from what I hear it helps you lose the weight faster. Im just not looking forward to the pain of it all.


brittany - August 21

i too plan on going through the pain of b___st feeding just because it's better for my daughter. added bonus that it helps to take the weight off.. so sindel your first?


erica - August 22

yes this is my first. Maybe thats why Im so impatient. Im 19 and that may also have something to do with it, lol. Im really athletic and ive never been fat before so this was like a slap in the face lol. Went from hardly sitting down, to now hardly able to get up from sitting down lol. brittany is this your first?


brittany - August 22

cool... we have alot in common. yes this is my first, i'm 20, and first time in my life to be a big girl.... ;) really sucks but as long as my daughter is healthy it's all worth it. so have you had a nice pregnancy or a stressful one?


Tami - August 22

I am due on Sept 20 with a little girl. I am also so excited for her to finally be here! It is getting harder and harder to wait, don't you all agree? I am planning on b___stfeeding-not only becuase it will be better for my baby, but also because it will help to lose the weight faster. Its hard when you have always stayed in shape and were active to go to where you walk up stairs and feel like you are going to pa__s out becuase you are so out of breath! How many of you are goign to be first time mothers? Have you picked out names and such?


brittany - August 22

i'm naming my little girl Selene Elizabeth... although my husband is in the process of changing her middle name or so he thinks he is. how about you tami? and erica? have a name picked out?


Lindsay - August 22

Hi everyone, I'm 19 and 36 weeks pregnant. I'm due Sept 18. I can't wait to see my little boy! We are going to name him Jacob Adam. I can't wait to get my pre-pregnancy body back either. Good to hear that there are others who feel the same as I do! I am also going to be b___stfeeding, but I didn't know that it helped you lose weight too until I started to take the b___stfeeding cla__ses. They have really helped! I suggest them!


Tina - August 22

Due September 23. I can't wait I am so excited to meet my new little one. I dont know if I am having a boy or a girl. I am going to be a first time mom and yes I have both a name for a little boy and one for a little girl picked out.


Chrissy - August 22

I am due on September 21st as well. I dont think I will make it that long but I am excited. I am having a boy and his name is Nicholas James. Is this your first baby? This is my 4th and last.


Sindel - August 22

Hey, im 25 and yes this is my first pregnancy. We've chosen the name kohl aaron. Although we've thought about changing it simply because MIL likes to make "kohl/cold" jokes... oh well i doubt i'll change it because he's been kohl ever since we found out hes a boy. Anyone elses MIL coming for the birth? Mine wants to be in the room even.. ahhh.. =\.


Lovely - August 22

I'm due with baby # 2 on the 22, but am having him/her on the 8th via c-sec. I have invited my mil into the delivery room. She's so pleased, she's telling everyone from her co-workers to the cashier at Safeway!! HA! She's great, though, so I don't mind. Names are Aaven William, or Ayven Wynn.


erica - August 22

What is MIL that you keep talking about lovely?


erica - August 22

ohhh mother in law? duh wow! sorry pregnany blonde moment. lol


erica - September 5

well this thread kind of died down.. Hows all the moms doing now? Any new developments/symptoms/ births? whats going on with everyone, Im going nuts here only 15 more days til the due date and i sware i will die if i go over my due date :( (anyone else feeling the same?



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