Due Sept 27 And Still Waiting For Baby

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citrouille - September 27

Who is like me? Due today and still no sign of labour? I'm feeling pretty frustrated and impatient! I've tried walking and s_x but nothing seems to work! I'm wondering how long this will go on for.. Who else feels the same way?


M - September 27

Relax...this means your baby is not ready to come out yet. There is such a small percentage of people that actually go on their due date too. So be patient. My son was 10days overdue, and that was a lot worse, but you have to remember that they are still in there for a reason. :)


Jl - September 27

I'm only 37 weeks and am already feeling frustrated, so I can't imagine how you feel. I've been on bed rest because they thought I would go early, and now that I'm far enough to be considered "full term" I'm just sitting here waiting. How much over do you have to be before your dr. will induce? I'm hoping to get my membranes stripped on Thursday...good luck, and let us know how it goes if you have him/her.


citrouille - September 28

oh god M, you're scaring me! I don't want to go 10 days over! That must have been difficult for you. My doctor said that he'll induce me after Oct 4th if I haven't given birth by then. I'm a bit nervous about going over because I was told that i'm having a big baby.. I don't want it to get too big. Sorry that you are on bedrest Jl, that really stinks! I hope you have some good books to read.


lisa - September 28

i have sympathy for you too, im almost due oct 22nd and cant imagine waiting till then never mind longer, my mum chose because she was fed up to have me induced at 38 weeks, she just said she had had enough on the fri at the docs and mon i was born, i dont think people are as sympathetic these days! M is not pregnant at the moment so its easy for her to look back and say wait, but when you have cronic heartburn hands keep going numb, cant sleep, knackered and weigh a ton, i want out and understand you, why not try and demand induction tommorow, say your going insane!


citrouille - September 28

hey lisa thanks for the sympathy :) I'd ask to be induced, but it just isn't possible to do that here (in France). They don't ask your opinion on this kind of thing. I was just told that if the baby wasn't out by Oct 4th then they would schedule me to be induced! Seems like a lot of waiting to me. Your description of how I feel was perfect: just missing out my huge swollen feet that won't even fit in any shoes! I have to force my feet in and the swelling bulges out... it hurts like hell.


erica - September 28

well I was due sept 21 but i went over too, the days turn into what feels like years whod of thought the days could of gotten longer from the waiting we did before! And girls i know your probabily tired of hearing this but once that baby is here, you dont care if you had to wait 20 days I had to be induced on the 23 because of blood pressure so my little boy is here with me now:D hold on ladies, youll get there.. if you wanna see my lil one http://webpages.charter.net/jasonanderica


citrouille - September 28

erica, your little Quintin is so cute! Congrats! I'm trying to be patient because I know it will seem like everything went quickly once the baby is here, but the waiting is difficult.



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