Due September 6 2006

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1Sttimemomy - June 3

I am due 9/6/06 and have noticed a lot of moms 2 b on that date .How are all you ladies and how are your babies?I am going to stay on the 3rd tri board.What is everyone having ?Is this your first baby?lets keep in touch.


1Sttimemomy - June 3

I am 21 years old this will be my first baby .I am not married but have been with the babies father for almost 6 years.I live in Lacombe,Louisiana.The u/s doc. told us she thinks we are having a boy she said it is harder to tell b/c the baby is breech.I started felling the baby kick at like 23wks it took longer for me to feel the baby b/c my placenta is on top .(what ever that means)has anyone started feeling like c___p again i have for a few days now i feel like i am starting the first trimester all ove again.hope everyone else is feeling ok though and hope we can all keep it touch .september 6 moms 2 be!!!!!


mcatherine - June 3

Hi 1sttimemomy - I am due September 6th, too. You're right - it does seem like there are alot of us on here. I mentioned somewhere else that we all must have been feeling the holiday love... I decided to jump over here as well. I needed some new things to talk about since I was just feeling suspended in mid-pregnancy. I am having a little boy - to be named Hudson. He is a mover and a shaker - wakes me up every morning like he wants to be fed or something. I love it! It's funny you mention feeling bad again. Yourtrish posted the same thing about the way she was feeling (she has same due date) and I feel like I am newly pregnant again, too. Perhaps a surge in hormones? Whatever the case - I have not had a wonderful week, which is sad since I was feeling so good.This is my 5th pregnancy, but will only be my second child. I haven't made it this far in almost 11 years. I am 32, married and live in Northeastern PA. Your placenta on top means that it is just in the front of you stomach as opposed to being in the back or on either side. It varies from woman to woman. Mine is front right and I still haven't felt the baby kick on my right side. Have you started your nursery yet?


1Sttimemomy - June 4

hi mcatherine congrats! on your baby boy hudson is a very cute name .bf and i can't decide on a name for our baby if it is a boy bf is a third his name is Charles edward and neither on of us want to name the baby that if it is a girl i want to name her Brieanna lynn.but the doc.said probably a boy.my baby really moves alot in the morning and when i am trying to sleep.I hope you stay feeling good and things start going better.I am sorry to here about your other pregn. .I hope to keep in touch and I will pray for you and your baby.I haven't started a nursery yet.I feel like i am running out of time tough.talk to you soon..


mcatherine - June 4

Argh! Did you know that the third trimester doesn't start until 28 weeks? I was sure it was 27. Not that it matters, I was just anxious to pa__s the big milestone. When I think about how far we have to go in weeks (13.5) rather than months - it sure doesn't seem like a long time. I am thinking I should get started on my nursery as well. I have purchased a few things, but haven't even gotten the room cleaned out - much less cleaned or painted! Do you have a list of favorite boy names started?


CamysMama - June 4

Hey ladies, here we are on the third tri board already! I kind of feel like an intruder because I'm only in my 25th week... but I'm excited to be here! Our little girl is due September 14, and we're going to name her Camryn, Camy for short. Everyone's been asking me if I have the baby's room ready, but I haven't even started it. :o) Right now it has a bunch of stuff stored in there, and I'm feeling like I really need to get started! I'd love to have it at least partway ready before our wedding on June 25th, because I have a feeling our families will want to see it, and I'm embarra__sed to show them what it looks like right now! Mcatherine, thank you so much for your sweet post on the 2nd tri board, I'm sorry that I didn't reply to it sooner! (I've been running about like a headless chicken all weekend, and haven't logged on until now!) :o)


mcatherine - June 5

Camysmamma - don't worry about how far along you are. Most of us jumped over so we could have something new to talk about and look forward to together. I technically still have another week and two days, but I haven't heard one person complain yet! This board gets me more in the mood to decorate and read up on childbirth, etc. as where before I was felling just bored and blah. When we look at it in months, it seems so far off, but 13 weeks (15 for you) sounds so much closer. Maybe I'm just doing that nesting thing I hear everyone talk about. You're welcome for the other post. I stayed inside all weekend (rainy) and did absolutley nothing but read and watch TV. It was wonderful! Back to real life today, of course... We aren't telling family s_x or name, so they can't see our nursery until the baby comes. I love making the wait it out. I even tossed some pink things on my wish list to confuse them....


shan_mommy - June 5

Hi ladies! Thanks for starting this thread. I had noticed that a bunch of us shared the Sept. 6 due date. Not to far off now. I'm 25 married in PA and this is my first baby, a boy. We've finally started working on the nursery. Sometimes I feel like time is flying, other times it feels like I still have forever to go. For those of you who are working, how long are you planning to work? I plan to work up until 2 weeks before due date, but wonder if that's going to be good since this is my first pregnancy. Keep in touch girls!


julesnac - June 5

hey girls! I'm due the 18th.. so I'm a little early too. This is my 2nd, it's another boy. I feel guilty for not being as involved in the pregnancy of this one as my first. But I have been soo busy this time around. I work full time, almost a full time student and run after my 20 month old. Really helps that I have a WONDERFUL husband who helps so much. We also only have a 2 bedroom house so we don't have a bedroom to decorate. I feel so sad that I can't do as much for him. I can't wait for him to get here just so I can love him and hold him! This one has been way more active, hurting at times. I had an emergency c-sec with my first so I am trying for a vbac and am a little nervous about that! Can't wait to here more about you guys. Now that school is almost over (3 more weeks) mayber I can keep in touch with some of you. I'm from Garden City, Michigan by the way.


Dionne - June 5

Hi do you mind if I jump in? I'm 27wks due 5th September with a little girl. I also work full time, in the telecommunications industry, so sit at my desk all day. I'll be working right up till the 1st Sept, and hopefully taking a years maternity leave. I have 3 boys 15, 6 and 3yr olds and 1 x 7yr old girl, so yes I have a busy and hectic life. My husbands awesome though and helps so much, he also works full time. No matter how many children you have, being pregnant is just like being preggy with your first, anxiousness and excitement. I just can't wait to meet her :-))


CamysMama - June 5

Yay to all September mommies! I am so anxious for it to be September already, not because I am tired of being pregnant, but because I can't wait to meet our little girl! And also I just want the delivery to be over, because I am nervous about it. (First-timer here.) It seems like in the past few weeks, everytime someone asks me how far along I am or what the due date is, after I tell them they always say something like, "Oh, you've got a ways to go." Or, "Wow, you've got the whole hot summer ahead of you!" And I don't say it, but I'm thinking, "Yeah, I KNOW already! Do you have to rub it in???" MCatherine, I think it's a great idea to keep your family guessing! It's too late for us because we already spilled the beans... but now everytime someone asks me what we're going to name her I say, "Well, I'm thinking about Surprise..." just because I'm tired of hearing people's opinions about the name we've chosen! Anyway, cheers to all September moms, may our big month come quickly! :o)


mcatherine - June 6

Hi shan_mommy, julesnac and Dionne and welcome! 1sttimemommy started this thread thankfully, but I haven't seen her around lately. Hope she is doing ok. shan_mommy, there are like 7 women I know of that share the 9/6 due date! Everyone can join in, but I just found that to a little funny. I am 32, married with a 10 year old son and live in Northeastern PA. I am lucky enough not to have to work at this time in my life thanks to a wonderful husband that continues to climb that coorporate ladder! It sounds like a lot of us found great husbands. Julesnac - you can give this child something you couldn't give your first - a big brother! And I bet if you ask superbusy Dionne, those are important!! CAMYSMAMMA - Everyone mentions the summer months to me! Everyone. I just smile and say "Thank goodness for air conditioning". I have had so many people comment on the fact that I look like I am going to have this baby anyday. But the doc told me just yeaterday that I was only measuring 2 inches too big and that fell in exactly with the ultrasound measurments of the baby. Why is it people seem to lose all their tact the moment they see a pregnant woman? It's as if we get pregnant and lose our ability to realize what is happening in our own lives. We have gotten so many opinions about names for our baby that I actually got rude with a few people - including my MIL - who felt she had picked the perfect name if it was a boy and we need look no further. She wanted no discussion - her FIL and her had decided on the name. (No, we didn't listen - at all) Our little babies will all be so cute, no one will care what the name is the moment they see them anyway, right?


mcatherine - June 6

oopps - my FIL, not hers. lol


CamysMama - June 6

LOL MCatherine, hilarious that your inlaws seriously thought they could name your baby for you!!! Seriously, they already had their turn! Personally I think the name Hudson is just adorable! Oh the name thing just keeps getting more annoying... since I've stopped telling people the name we've picked out because I'm tired of hearing their opinions about it, now everyone is suggesting names! A friend was insisting we should name her after a family member, if we couldn't pick a name... she asked what my mother's name is: Sandra, and my grandmother's: Martha, and said I should pick one of those! Don't get me wrong, I love my family dearly, but there is no way I will name our girl Sandra or Martha. I know if I did that, she would want to kill me when she got older! On another note, how is everyone feeling today? Still having the almost-third-trimester m/s? It's strange how some days I feel so good, and others... not so good. I started to think maybe I'd begun that nesting phase everyone talks about, because I'd been feeling like I had more energy, and then today I can hardly keep my eyes open. Maybe it's just working full time, and the stress of getting married in OMG 18 days... aaahhhhh!!! Okay, I just have to say my mantra "it will all come together in time... everything will work out fine..." whew. Sorry, I just had a little pre-nuptual freakout. Even though I'll be 7 months pregnant, and we're not going anyplace exotic, I am really really looking forward to our honeymoon because it will mean a week away from work, and time to just relax with the soon-to-be-dh after all the hectic wedding planning has served its purpose. Maybe after that I will be able to start my next project: the nursery, and babyproofing the house!


1Sttimemomy - June 6

hi ladies !congrats to Mccathrine on her little boy ,camysmama on her little girl and marriage,shanmommy on her little boy,julesnac on her little boy,dionne on her little girl.I have been so tierd lately i feel like i am starting the first trim again. I hope everyone is feeling ok .I have to give it up to you ladies you sound like you have way more energy than me and working while you are pregnant and with other kids i have alot of respect for you girls.i have just kinda been lazy through my whole pregnancy.camysmommy girl planning a wedding while pregnant thats awesome i couldn't do it without nobody wanting to come because i chewed their head of .have any of you ladies done the 3d u/s ? what week should i do it i am 27 weeks now .I want it to come out good .


1Sttimemomy - June 6

Luckily i am able to get it done for free b/c my friend is in school for ultrasound and i can go to her school and she practice on me the teacher is their to make she everything she does is correct but it is pretty cool.


mcatherine - June 6

Camysmamma - congratulations!!!!!! 18 more days to becoming a wife. I know you're excited! Your honeymoon doesn't have to be exotic - just as long as you're alone, hon! I know what you mean about family member's names. Try these out: Pearl, Shirley, Margaret and Herbert. No offense to anyone, but uh un, no way! I think not telling the name is becoming the "thing" anyway. I decided I had had enough of opinions to last a lifetime, so I quit asking for them. 1stttimemommy, I agree with you about all of these women working. I don't know if I would have the energy to do it full time, with other kids, planning a wedding, etc. Anyone who doesn't have respect for them must be crazy! They say 3D should be done at 28/29 weeks for the best view. My husband and I decided against it. I just want atleast one surprise when the baby is born. I don't want to know in advance if he has hair or my husband's honker. But you don't know if you are having a boy or a girl, do you? I have had 8 ultrasounds, 1 level 2 and another level 2 coming this Monday. I don't think there is a doubt we are having a boy! We know the baby is healthy and growing and I was hoping for a break from the docs and now he has me going to the office every two weeks. Ugh! I just keep looking forward to week 30, thinking: come on, get here already so I can start the official countdown. Can anyone imagine how long these next three months are going to be for us?



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