Due Soon Do You Know Your Baby S Station

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cyclemom - January 25

Hi ladies! I am 37 weeks and my doc said my baby's head is really low and at station -1. Everyone can tell that I've dropped a ton. I'm glad not to have heartburn all night anymore, but instead I have sharp shooting pains down in that area all day and all night. I think I'd rather have the heartburn back! Anyway, just wondering if anyone else knows thier baby's station and what it is! Good luck with your pregnancies!


DB - January 25

I'm 39w4d and my baby is so high still the doctor didn't even tell me a station!!


mamagoose - January 25

I'm the same- I'm 39w1d and I don't know what station the baby is, although it dropped at 36 w. All I know is that the baby is "engaged" but its head is not "fixed" (meaning she could wiggle it a bit). Unfortunately, the baby is really long, so I'm still getting heartburn and rib pressure, along with hip/pubic bone pressure! Ah, the best of both worlds.


juju - January 25

when i went on the 17th he was at -2


MB - January 25

Hi i am 37 weeks too and i dont know the station but doc says his head is 'there' but not quite engaged but i must have a long baby like mamagoose as i am full of heartburn and still get kicked in the ribs. I am 1 cm dilated and 50% thinned out though so slowly something is happening !!! Good luck to all of you.


chrissi79 - January 25

I don't know which station b/c i haven't been checked (at 39w3d) but I do know that the doc said that the baby's head was really low...but MB I still get the rib kicks and feel her b___t and legs up high.


lilnikki_0384 - January 26

I am 38wk 6d, dilated 2cm. Doc said that my cervix was soft, I don't know what he exactly means by that. I must have a long baby because I still feel the b___t and legs up high and she has a tall dad, but I know that she is head down and low. I have dropped alot. Any advice on the soft cervix thingy?


lilnikki_0384 - January 26

Oh yeah, I have the sharp pains all the time also,not so much heart burn. Good luck everyone, I am due next Sunday!!!


crystal74 - January 26

i am 35 weeks and my baby is sideways. i am scared if he doesn't turn i will have to have a cesarean. i see the dr. next thursday



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